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Posted by StuckintheSeventies423 on 4:02 AM

Weekends, do not exist to me. Mostly because I work at a place where my weekends and holidays are less important compared to some people (I work at a country club… remember). I’ve grown accustomed to sacrificing the days in which I should’ve been allowed to rest so that those who hold a higher position on the social/economic ladder can be given a break (whether they deserve it or not). Every day (including my own birthday) looks and feels the same as the one that came before it and I’ve become numb to the feelings that those days used to invoke in me (though, I still try). I’m not the only one, there are tons of other people who know exactly what it feels like (whether it been in state, out of state, or across the fucking world) to carry food and drink to some asshole who’s married to a girl half their age, gambles on the golf course for a living, and has thousands of skeletons in his closet. I’m not saying everyone is like that, but everything I’ve learned about evil I’ve learned from this fucking job (five years has felt like a life time). Which is why I try to relish in the purity that each new day brings where new ideas can be explored and old habits are left in the wake of my personal and spiritual evolution (what the fuck did I just say?).

Today, I saw everyone at least twice (in T, B, and R’s case, three different times) and it was a good time each and every time. B kind of woke me up with a text (I slept till eleven, for the record) and we drove over to Point Pleasant where we parked on Forman Avenue (That 70’s Show reference) and tag teamed a bucket of cheese fries (although it sogged up and looked like mashed cheese potatoes, still really good). Then, I picked up T and we went for a swim at B’s place. Then, C and I drove around and collected money from a few of our other friends, including T and R (who jumped in with us for a quick ride) for a keg that we’d been planning to get. After that I rode over to 7-11 to meet up with J and R because the three of us wanted to check out Rise of the Planet of the Apes (B had a great entrance and joined us as we were walking into the theater). Having been entertained for the most part, we split and I met up with R over at D’s place where D, C, A, T, DM, and AM were all hanging out with our new edition to the family, the keg. We played quite a bit of pong and judging from how I feel now, I’d say I lost a whole lot! Who knew a Wednesday could kick so much ass?

So I decided to take a turn with this next post of mine (considering my last one reached pretty deep into my soul) and I decided to post an audio/visual tribute to one of my all time favorite artists. Some people love him and some people hate him and some people think he’s ok (anyone?). The man, the myth, the legend, the hellbilly himself… Rob Zombie! From music to movies and from comic books to his super hot wife, this guy can do no wrong. I don’t care what anyone thinks, his reworking of Halloween and its sequel were fucking brilliant (after eight movies, it was great to get something different)! Look for The Lords of Salem coming out sometime in 2012 because everything else is a remake or a comic book movie. Here’s some tuneage and a couple of videos. Explicit content warning.

Till next time, let us rock in peace.



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