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Into the hurricane...

Posted by The one and only "B"... on 12:09 AM
Hello world...

I've never been a fan of natural disasters. Maybe it's because I've watched one too many disaster movies. Maybe it's because my unaccompanied minor guide lost me in the Denver international airport when I was little, during a tornado... And by lost, I mean the guy panicked and left me to fend for myself. I did well for myself, by the way. Luckily I learned how to read by age two, and with having a single working mom, I had learned to fend for myself. So I read the signs to find the nearest tornado shelter, and alerted the first airport worker I saw that I had been abandoned... My family also tended to lose me a lot, so I knew what to do in those situations.

Whatever the reasons may be, I hate natural disasters... Almost as much as I hate spiders (eight legs and unnatural). I mean, I really hate natural disasters. I'm the kind of person who likes to be in control of myself and my situations. Anything that disturbs or disrupts that is like public enemy number one to me. While most kids probably day dreamed about what they'd be doing during the weekends. I found myself thinking about what I would do in certain situations. Whatever room I was in, I'd look around and think about what different exits were available, what I could use to defend myself, or what I would need if I was in a dire situation. I guess I'm weird like that, but I am the kind of person you'd want to have around during the zombie apocalypse, or more fittingly, a hurricane.

While some of you may be laughing at me right now, you should know that I'm more than prepared to handle whatever happens. Whether this storm effects us horribly, or passes by without causing much damage, I'm secure in knowing that I am prepared. I bought extra cigarettes and filled my gas tank. I made sure my family has enough batteries to last us a year. I've kept my phone charged all day, collected enough flashlights for fifteen people to use, replaced the batteries in my radio, and stashed four cases of water in my house.

I even have a backpack filled with things I might either need or want, if things take a turn for the worst. It has: an extra change of clothes/sneakers, my favorite book, the comic TK lent me (I'll be damned if anything bad happens to it while it's in my care), my camera's (one of them is expensive), heirloom jewelry that's been past down to me, pictures (mostly from my childhood, high school, and the only surviving picture of my parents while they were together), the stuffed lamb I've had since the day I was born (hey, lamby and I have been through a lot and I owe it to him to keep him safe), and toiletries (toothbrush and stuff). Plus I have my two guitars sitting by it, obviously because they can't fit into my backpack.

All of this will probably be unnecessary. At least that's what I'm hoping. If not, well then at least I'm ready. I've been doing the whole backpack bit for years, since I lived in tornado alley for most of my life. Packing it calms me down, because I'm really freaking weird like that. I'm aware of my own crazy antics, and I'm sure the guys will make fun of me for it later. For right now though, I feel a little better.

I'm not so much worried about myself as I am for my family and friends. I tend to worry a lot...

Love from,
Just remember, it's usually us crazy, over-zealous people who survive...



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