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I’m not sorry for party rocking

Posted by T on 10:46 AM

Last night was quite the adventure being able to keep up with C in shots shots shots. It made me realize that I will miss these moments with my 2ND family as well as miss my 3rd family at Rutgers. Drinking always makes me think and do crazy things and I shall post them.

As I am heading out on my trek to the Caribbean to start a new life I shall not disappear. I will live and return. So my foolish apprentice I swear I need to smack in the head hasn’t kept up in contact with me but not surprisingly my Godlittle and Niece have been lovely enough to talk to me every week. I recall my first meeting with Sonia my godlittle. She was so quiet during the first meeting. I enjoyed the first ice breaker and was excited to learn that she loves to drink as my niece and little do not. I remember Drinking and Karaoke night that was quite the blast LOL and I’ll be honest. My singing is like nails on a chalkboard in your flesh. It really is ear sandpaper. I love it.

I also have a video of my younger self singing. It is pretty funny because nothing really has changed.


Back to that I want to show all you wonderful readers out there my lovely family at Rutgers

This is my godlitte and niece. I always tell them they should do modeling cause they have wonderful cheekbones and etc. Oh I am excited to see them one last time before I leave as I’m proud to say I helped raise them in my fraternity.

My favorite time with my niece was the animal shelter. All hell broke loose when one of the dogs escaped and attacked another dog in the face and leg. Everyone was pretty shook up except me. I was loving the moment. Fresh air ruined by dog shit and dogs attacking each other. It was like a gladiator fight. Now I know what you are thinking. THAT’S horrible but for some reason I could picture that dog with a 300 helmet and going to war in the colosseum. Now I love dogs so I would never participate or sponsor in dog fighting but would I fight a dog? The answer is yes. If it came down to it I would fight to the death if I needed to survive the battle.

I now believe that my niece will take my place and not my little in my fraternity as she has much

better skills than me in photoshop and she while she doesn’t have my creative mind and when I say creative I mean she isn’t out of her fucking mind she still is pretty damn creative. Honestly if there was a female version of me that would be her.

She loves to stuff her face with food. Embraces the inner skank. The big one. DOESN”T HAVE TEXTING EITHER. So we have to call people! LOLOLOL I know what you all are going to say. What the fuck? You don’t have texting. LIKE OMG. Right. The list goes on about how similar we are but I’ll end it with a skanky photo of us at our banquet. Erin and I won most unique and I Laughed so hard after she won

Me: YAY you won most unique just like me!
Erin: NOOOOOO I just wanna be NORMAL
Me: ahhh you skank just embrace the crazy

I absolutely love my Niece and Godlittle. They be the best.

stay smexy world




Nor should you ever be sorry for party rocking! Shit, I thought I was going to leave at midnight (fucking work) just after you and R left... I ended up hanging around till 3:30. Pretty solid night!

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