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Posted by cmoney on 9:01 PM
The NY Jets have been my favorite sports team for 22 years (the Yankees being an incredibly close second). For years all my franchise had to hang its helmet on was winning the 1968 superbowl, but things are beginning to change. Rex Ryan has completely turned the franchise around, they have gone from being the leagues whipping post to serious contenders, from laughing stocks to cocky assholes, and I'm loving every minute of it.

For years the Jets would get absolutely zero respect from the media, the city, and the league. The Jets had become known as a team that would draft busts and blow fourth quarter leads. We would lose our star players as soon as their contracts were up because they wanted a shot at a championship, something the Jets couldn't give them, but worst of all we had to play in another teams stadium, Giants stadium. I have no problem with the Giants, they're a NY team and I respect all NY teams that aren't in my teams conference, but playing in their stadium for nearly 30 years has to be the most embarrassing thing about this franchise.

However I believe all this is over, we've been to the AFC championship the past two years and even though we lost both they were very close. We have players begging to play under Ryan and others that are taking pay cuts so we can bolster our roster. Mark Sanchize is another year older and hopefully he'll get over the third year quarterback hump and really start to excel in this league. And who could forget the defense, seriously its outstanding. We have the best cornerback tandem in the league with Revis and Cromartie and with Leonhard behind them throwing on us will be tough. We also have one of the most underrated linebacker in the league with Harris and having Scott next to him makes him that much better.

For the past two years Rex has been making Superbowl guarantees that haven't exactly come to fruition, but like they say third times the charm, and after watching the first two preseason games I am fairly certain this is our year.

Now you might not know this but R is a huge Dolphins fan, I know a Dolphins fan in NJ is just blasphemy but what can you do. So I will remind him of an awful night of his and I will leave you with one of the greatest Jets games in my lifetime the Monday Night Miracle, Enjoy! Only 3 more weeks till football baby WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! CAN'T WAIT!



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