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Cursing in Context

Posted by D on 1:50 PM
I'm not sure what I have in mind for this post, but then again I never really do. The final point I want to make has something to do with the idea that the impact of cursing is mostly context dependent. It's true you could say that about anything (or nothing), but I'm writing this post so what I say goes (until you decide you're bored and move onto text twist).

I just had lunch with my dad today, and he asked me if I had seen the new Derek Jeter documentary on HBO. The documentary goes "behind the scenes" and shows Jeter off the field. Although I haven't seen it yet, C and I talked about it last night. C mentioned that it was weird to hear Jeter curse. I told my dad this and mentioned how it was also weird to hear Jon Stewart curse the first time I saw a taping of The Daily Show. He curses all the time on the show, but it's always bleeped out. You don't realize how much he does until you actually hear him do it.

My dad commented that cursing is really context dependent. In conversation, you barely notice when people curse because its such a major part of normal dialogue. At work, cursing is used as a point of evidence. In text, cursing is shocking to see and outrageous to read aloud.

I really think this is the most boring post I've ever written. Maybe it's just boring for me to write. I have no doubt that I've written countless posts that have been awfully boring to read.

But FUCK it.

See what I mean. Keep looking at it. It's still there. Read it aloud. Now louder. If you've followed my instructions, you've just cursed loudly. If you didn't, then I feel kinda stupid right now...

I guess my final thought on this stupid issue (is it even an issue?) is that who is doing the cursing is really important also. If I had a priest, and he cursed, I imagine I'd be shocked (just as shocked as I was to see the priest not wearing shoes at the funeral I went to recently).

You know those times when you've said something worthless and wish you had the common sense to hold your tongue? That's how I feel right about now.




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