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Welcome to the life and chronicles of My Jersey Boys and me, B (the only girl who hangs out with them). Our original mission was to prove that not all of Jersey is obsessed with GTL. Now it's kind of become the place where we share our random thoughts, ridiculous stories, regular quote updates, and maybe a picture or video here and there. There's always something going on...

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The Last Twinkie

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Hello world...

I know it's been a long time since I've posted anything on here. I know I have a lot of things that I could write about, or should write about, but for now I just want to write about our soon to be fallen comrades.... Twinkies.

In the popular 2009 movie Zombieland, Woody Harrelson's character, Tallahassee, was constantly searching for the last Twinkie. Columbus explained that "Something about the Twinkie reminded him about a time not so long ago. When things were simple and not so fucking psychotic. It was like if he got a taste of that comforting childhood treat, the world would become innocent again and everything would return to normal."

After a hurricane, earthquake, and Nor-eastern in the time span of a few days, and spending eleven days without power... I can kind of understand how Tallahassee felt. Sure, we aren't having to deal with a Zombie epidemic here in New Jersey, but those of us living on the east coast have experienced what the apocalypse could and/or would be like... And let me tell you, it's pretty fucking psychotic. There are times when you're amazed by the generosity of others, and then whip-lashed by the insanity that others are displaying.

Those stories are best saved for another time, when I feel mentally capable of discussing it. For right now, I just want to mourn the loss of normalcy and Twinkies... I wonder what Tallahassee (if, hypothetically speaking, he were a real person) would have thought about his beloved treat no longer existing. Not because of Zombieland (and, you know, that whole issue of Twinkies having an expiration date), but because of a failed agreement between Hostess and Union leaders... I think he'd be pretty pissed off. He wasn't too pleased when Columbus shot that last box of Twinkies with his shotgun... (And no, Columbus, you can't just eat around the buckshot).

I've seen a lot of great pictures and videos being posted mainly on my wall about the downfall of Twinkies. So I figured I would share a few of them here with all of you. Hopefully some day soon I'll be able to tell you about what my Jersey boys and I have really been up to. Seeing as though that's the point of this whole blog... Well, that and random posts about things... Like Twinkies...

Love from,
I fully intend on buying five boxes of twinkies. Then, I'm going to get all the guys together, and watch Zombieland (maybe have a drinking game for every time they mention Twinkies). When the final scene plays, I will enjoy my last Twinkie with Tallahassee. It seems appropriate...
Sometimes you need to enjoy the little things.


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