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Welcome to the life and chronicles of My Jersey Boys and me, B (the only girl who hangs out with them). Our original mission was to prove that not all of Jersey is obsessed with GTL. Now it's kind of become the place where we share our random thoughts, ridiculous stories, regular quote updates, and maybe a picture or video here and there. There's always something going on...

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Le first rage...

Posted by The one and only "B"... on 2:40 PM
Hello world...

Today I was inspired to create my first rage comic... Seeing as though I'm feeling super vindictive recently, I created this...

You know who you are...

Love from,
IT SHALL BE MINE! (Seeing as though it was mine to begin with)

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This so applies to me...

Posted by The one and only "B"... on 6:02 PM in ,

Reddit is the reason why I forget to write posts... Every. Day.

Love from,
More rage comics, please!

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I. Hate. Spiders: Part Two...

Posted by The one and only "B"... on 11:35 AM in , ,

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If I had a valentine...

Posted by The one and only "B"... on 12:01 PM in
Hello world...

I'm going to make this post as simple as possible.

If I had a Valentine I wouldn't...

...ask for a giant teddy bear...

...expect flowers...

...anticipate chocolates or candy...

...want a hundred heart shaped balloons...

...or request a fancy dinner...

If I had a valentine I would...

...make a sandwich if he asked for one...

...hand him a beer, if he had a rough day, and would listen to him vent...

...build a fort to hang out in, because I don't have a couch...

...only ask to hold your hand...


...I don't have a valentine...

...I'm twenty-two years old, and my plans for tonight consist of having a Digimon marathon and painting my nails...

...the last time I kissed someone was almost two years ago...

Surprisingly, I am not bitter about Valentine's Day this year. I was a little bit at first, but then I realized, what does it matter if I don't have someone special on Valentine's Day? I don't have anyone special the other 364 days of the year. It's just one day where I have to put up with an obnoxious amount of PDA and Facebook statuses about how amazing people's significant other's are. I shouldn't begrudge other people just because they are happy. That would be childish and petty, even if I do feel like doing this... 

Love from,
Yep, no sexy fun time for me... haha... ha... damn it.

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Competitive Balance: NFL vs. MLB - Part I

Posted by D on 1:38 AM in , , , ,
I'm doing some research for an article that I'm writing about competitive balance in sports, specifically professional football and baseball. My goal is to examine the many possible meanings of "competitive balance" and compare the competitiveness of the two leagues, given a certain definition. The first kind of competitive balance that I'm examining is the standard deviation of wins per year. In other words, I want to know how far apart the average team is from the average number of wins (8 in the NFL and 81 in MLB). A larger standard deviation would means more extreme values, with very high and very low win totals, suggesting very good teams and very bad teams. Alternatively, a small standard deviation means non-extreme values, with win totals concentrated around the mean, suggesting greater balance through out the league.

It is commonly stated that the NFL has greater competitive balance than MLB. Supposedly, the NFL's salary cap prevents high revenue teams from dominating the sport. The Yankees are criticized as the poster child for the unfairness of MLB's economic system. However, the truth about relative competitive balance depends on how we define competitive balance.

MLB Win Total

Variable OBV Mean Std. Dev. Min Max
Year2011 30 80.96667 11.41531 56 102
Year2010 30 81 11.0047 57 97
Year2009 30 81 11.43497 59 103
Year2008 30 80.93333 11.08566 59 100
Year2007 30 81.03333 9.293985 66 96
Year2006 30 80.96667 10.08407 61 97
Year2005 30 81 10.83417 56 100
Year2004 30 80.93333 13.54668 51 105
Year2003 30 80.96667 13.36615 43 101
Year2002 30 80.83333 14.75334 55 103
Year2001 30 80.93333 13.00645 62 116
Year2000 30 80.93333 9.985967 65 97
Year1999 30 80.9 12.51578 63 103
Year1998 30 81 13.52902 54 114

The table above shows the range and STD DEV of win totals in MLB since 1998. This past season, around 2/3* of the teams were within 11.4 wins of the mean on either side (81).

*Under the normal distribution, around 2/3 of the sample falls within 1 STD DEV of the mean.*

                                            NFL Win Totals

Variable Obs Mean Std. Dev. Min Max
year2011 32 8 3.272564 2 15
year2010 32 8 2.994619 2 14
year2009 32 8 3.222902 1 14
year2008 32 7.96875 3.326185 0 13
year2007 32 8 3.321484 1 16
year2006 32 8 2.896048 2 14
year2005 32 8 3.388786 2 14
year2004 32 8 3.079589 2 15
year2003 32 8 3.069097 4 14
year2002 32 7.96875 2.621061 2 12
year2001 31 8 3.255764 1 14
year2000 31 8 3.151719 1 13
year1999 31 8 2.988868 2 14
year1998 31 7.903226 3.409348 3 15
year1997 31 8.032258 2.915292 3 13

The table above shows the range and STD DEV of win totals in NFL since 1998. This past season, around 2/3* of the teams were within 3.3 wins of the mean on either side (8).

In order to compare the STD DEV's of wins in the two leagues, one of the leagues has to be rescaled to account for the different number of games (162 vs. 16). In the table below, the NFL has been rescaled.

Variable Obs Mean Std. Dev. Min Max
xyear2011 32 81 33.13471 20.25 151.875
xyear2010 32 81 30.32052 20.25 141.75
xyear2009 32 81 32.63188 10.125 141.75
xyear2008 32 80.68359 33.67763 0 131.625
xyear2007 32 81 33.63003 10.125 162
xyear2006 32 81 29.32249 20.25 141.75
xyear2005 32 81 34.31146 20.25 141.75
xyear2004 32 81 31.18084 20.25 151.875
xyear2003 32 81 31.0746 40.5 141.75
xyear2002 32 80.68359 26.53824 20.25 121.5
xyear2001 31 81 32.96461 10.125 141.75
xyear2000 31 81 31.91116 10.125 131.625
xyear1999 31 81 30.26229 20.25 141.75
xyear1998 31 80.02016 34.51965 30.375 151.875

After rescaling the NFL, we see that this league has a much higher STD DEV in every year going back to 1998. That 2/3 range mentioned above is much bigger in the NFL than in MLB, meaning that in the the NFL, the average team is further away from the mean than in MLB.

By this definition of competitive balance, the NFL could be considered to have less competitive balance than MLB in the sense that the NFL is more likely than MLB to have a large discrepancy between the best and worst team. Alternatively, MLB is likely to have final win totals concentrated relatively tightly around 81.

The data does not prove either way whether the NFL has more competitive balance than MLB; however, this first definition of competitive balance does not support the notion that the NFL is more competitive. Keep in mind that the differences in distribution of the win totals could be explained by other factors: the functional design of the game, injury rate, preparation time, etc. This one piece of analysis should not be taken overly seriously. This was merely one peek at a much larger question.


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Conversations with Cleverbot...

Posted by The one and only "B"... on 4:41 PM in , ,

Love from,
Oh Cleverbot...

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Duke Stunner

Posted by D on 12:48 AM in , ,
I remember my Duke days fondly. At Duke, basketball is the unifying culture. I was there when Duke won its championship in 2010. I was there when Duke got pummeled by Villanova. I was there when Kyrie Irving got hurt. However, I've never seen anything like this:

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OK Go Music Video's....

Posted by The one and only "B"... on 3:36 PM in , ,
Hello world...

In my personal opinion, OK Go has some of the best music videos out there. Disagree? Here are ten reasons as to why you're wrong.

1) "This Too Shall Pass" the Rube Goldberg version...

2) "Last Leaf" the toast video...

3) "A Million Ways" the dancing in the backyard video...

4) "Do What You Want" the wallpaper video...

5) "End Love" the stop motion video...

6) "This Too Shall Pass" the official video featuring the Notre Dame marching band...

7) "White Knuckles" the dog tricks video...

8) "The Muppet Show Theme Song" the Muppets meet OK Go video...

9) "Here It Goes Again" the treadmill video...

10) "Needing/Getting" the musical car video (personal fave)...

Love from,
Keep on with what you're doing, OK Go...

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February: The Worst Sports Month of the Year

Posted by D on 5:33 PM
One thing most sports fans can agree on is that February is the worst month on the sports calendar. Although I'm still reveling in the Super Bowl Championship of my beloved New York Giants, I realize that most football fans began the offseason a month ago. The beginning of the year is like a sports hangover.

You wake up and its January. You've been drunk on football for 4 months. Maybe your team made a run in the playoffs, and you've were out late partying. Maybe your team missed the playoffs, and you just stayed at home, drinking away your sorrows. Regardless, you woke up in overtime, still feeling the effects of that last beer several hours ago. The NFL playoffs begin, so you're feeling pretty good. You know you're gonna pay for your binging later when the season ends, but you know you've got time for now. When the NFC and AFC Championship games approach, you know the clock is winding down to zero. Even though you're about to have your head in the toilet of the NBA/NHL regular season, you've got 2 meaningful weeks of football left (the Pro Bowl is not one of them). The Superbowl was last Sunday. Football's over.... I feel like shit.

That is February. February is shit. Football is over. Even though its only once a week, its really 2 days a week, and by 2 days a week I mean 7 days a week. Football's only around for 5 months so you go all in for an intense winter of [insert favorite team] football. So when the season's over, everything just feels shitty. You're sick: the NBA regular season is nearly meaningless. The NHL regular season is just as meaningless (even though I'm a big Rangers fan- they are dominating). The next exciting thing to happen in sports is March Madness, but that's not for another 6 weeks. You know this shittiness is going to last at least until then, but really you know you're not going to feel better until Opening Day.

Note: If you don't like baseball, this is your alternate ending: You know this shittiness is going to last at least until then, but really you know you're not going to feel better until football starts again in September.


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A WTF photo...

Posted by The one and only "B"... on 10:03 AM
I actually made a u-turn just to make sure that I actually saw this. This severed hand isn't creepy at all...

Love from,
Seriously, WTF!

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Eli Manning WILL Be a Hall of Famer

Posted by D on 12:20 AM
The Giants won the Super Bowl, and I am surprisingly calm about it. More importantly, Eli Manning is one step closer to one day making the Hall of Fame. This was the big step he needed, and now 4-5 more years of good production (with maybe another SB?) will almost certainly get him into the fall. Who would have thought Eli Manning would become the best QB in NY history and a future Hall of Famer? Insane.

This championship has a strange feel to it. At no point during the regular season did I think this team had a reasonable chance to win the Super Bowl. I was embarrassed at how poorly this team played on defense. After the 2nd loss to the Redskins in week 15, I was ready for the season to end. However, going into the playoffs, I was reasonably confident that the Giants could beat the Falcons. I thought there was a chance they could beat the Packers. I thought they really could beat the 49ers and the Patriots. To go from absolute embarrassment to confidence in such a short period is strange. Last time around (2007-08), I was sure the Giants would lose to every team they played: Cowboys, Packers, and Patriots (can't remember off the top of my head who they beat in the first round). This time I was reasonably confident in every game, and a few weeks ago I was thinking about the draft. Such a strange season.

This team really needs help on the offensive line and good health for next season. I'm looking forward to it (and baseball).


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Super Bowl + Duke + Rangers

Posted by D on 11:18 AM
Today is a big sports day. Here is my sports schedule for the day:

12:00 PM (Central): Rangers vs. Flyers (Hockey)
2:00 PM: Duke vs. Miami (Basketball)

3 for 3 would be pretty sweet.

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Bond Girls...

Posted by The one and only "B"... on 1:00 PM in , ,
Hello world...

A thought occurred to me today while watching Casino Royale... Why are women so infatuated with Bond?

...True, the man is a bad ass and looks good in a tux...

...But doesn't it concern anyone else that the girls he hooks up with almost always end up like this...

Love from,
Just something to think about...

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Baby Potter became what?

Posted by The one and only "B"... on 1:49 PM in ,
Hey world...

I just found this, and I want to know... IS IT TRUE?!?! 

Love from,
Mind... Blown...

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I. Hate. Spiders...

Posted by The one and only "B"... on 1:33 PM in , , , , ,
Hello world!

I could explain this blog post... but the conversation below explains it all...

The links in this conversation:



Love from,

fuck spiders...

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