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Yoda was wrong! Anger is good

Posted by Char on 3:18 PM

Anger gets a bad reputation. However, anger, expressed cleanly and efficiently, can very much be a friend. This post would have to be dedicated to Link, who out of all of us, has mastered the art of Anger (not Anger Management).

Anger is a path to getting sh*t done. Anger provides you with the energy to confront any threat. Angry people are motivated, they are triggered to right a wrong, put a stop to an injustice, or defend themselves. This is important because threats are often scary and overwhelming, and it helps having that rush of adrenaline to confront the obstacle. Basically, angry people aren’t passive. Without that anger and energy, you sit there and think and rationalize that you’re not doing anything and nothing will change.

Anger: How the West was Won. When you find yourself feeling angry, you know that someone or something just violated your boundaries, your moral compass, and thus feel compelled to do something about it. Anger can be very consuming, but before taking a half-thought action, ask yourself, “What just happened to violate my boundaries and what do I need to do address that?” Once you’ve identified these “violators” the problem becomes much clearer to solve and easier to accomplish due to that surge of energy.

I will stab you in the face! Clean anger, as opposed to his twin brother blind rage, demonstrates your willingness to confront a direct threat. Entering a conflict with that clean anger will arm you with the tools necessary to eliminate the weak and meek and leave you to deal with the real issues hindering your goals.

Tips of Clean Anger: 1. Utilize that anger for a higher goal or purpose. Don’t be a playground bully and scare people. 2. Stay in control. Do a little cost-benefit analysis: is my energy worth engaging in this activity?

Anger is your Patronus. To put it bluntly, anger is a great servant because he provides you with the adrenaline to confront threats, helps you establish personal boundaries, and demonstrates the gravity of the situation to other contenders. Thus, although Anger might not be a friend worth introducing, it’s a trusted bodyguard.




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