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Anybody Need Guitar Lessons?

Posted by D on 9:38 AM
Thank you Russ Luippold: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/08/07/amazing-guitar-lesson-flyer-centaur_n_920617.html

Guitar Lesson Flyer Advertises Centaur Teacher

Eat your heart out, Dan Smith.

This amazing flyer, spotted by a Reddit user in Austin, TX, begs the question: Why are all there still tags on it? This supernatural guitar teacher, whose rock prowess has empowered him to transcend human form, should be booked solid, forever.

Truly he is a benevolent soul who could just take a normal centaur desk job, but instead chooses to spread the gospel of rock when he isn't galloping through fields of grain and shooting pure light from his hands.

Some may argue that the term "epic" is overused, but if this flyer does not define the most epic of all epics to ever epic, we don't know what does.



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$35 an hour? Will he settle for a bag of oats?

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