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What makes things better...

Posted by The one and only "B"... on 12:03 PM
Hello world!

Last night, while I was having a serious discussion with D, things took a turn for the ridiculous. I had already decided to write a post about it, when I saw D already mentioned it in his previous post. We had a back and forth discussion of what dessert makes things better. Since our conversation was too long for twitter, I'll share it here with all of you:

B: I don't know how to make it better.
D: Cannolis
B: brownies?
D: Oatmeal raisin cookies
B: I love cookies.
D: Boston creme donuts
B: Mmmm. I love donuts
D: Carrot cake
B: German chocolate cake
D: Peanut better cheesecake
B: coffee cake
D: Blueberry pie
B: hot apple pie
D: banana split
B: Hot fudge brownie sundae
D: Eclairs
B: Strawberry shortcake
D: chaco tacos
B: Italian ices
D: I choose to believe it took you 12 hours to think of that... Chocolate pudding.
B: Lol yup it took me all night.... And jello
D: Fried bananas
B: chunky monkey ice cream
D: Jack and jills chocolate Eclairs ice cream bars
B: A chocolate fountain with unlimited items to dip in.
D: vanilla wafers
B: twinkies
D: snowballs
B: fried Oreos
D: Entenmanns angel food loaf cake
B: pecan pie
D: chocolate cupcakes
B: red velvet cake
D: Snickerdoodle cookies
B: baklava
D: Dam good one. Cinnamon bobka
B: Bk mocha joes... Not really a dessert, I just want one... Tiramisu
D: Kosher for passover pound cake
B: cinnamon buns with extra icing...
D: Yodells
B: For some reason I can't think of any desserts... All I can think of is Mac and cheese. Every time it's my turn to think of one, Mac and cheese pops into my head. Wtf... Brain needs reprograming... And chocolate covered cherries

The conversation is still continuing as I post this... Maybe later I will post the results of our continued conversation. I will also keep this post in mind when we create the bracket for this years dezert championship. I feel like some of these would make awesome candidates. *laughs*... and maybe eventually we can actually figure out a way to make things better. I have hope.

Love from,
Can desserts make things better? I think yes.



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