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What makes things better: part two

Posted by The one and only "B"... on 2:32 PM
Hello again!

I felt like I should share the ending of the almost never ending dessert conversation. Since we finally called a truce. Who knew it would go on for so long...

D: Smores
B: Chocolate covered pretzels
D: Cheese danish
B: Scones
D: caramel popcorn
B: My famous Pumpkin cookies!
D: My famous just add water vanilla pudding
B: *laughs* blueberry cobbler
D: Frozen yogurt
B: Chocolate chip cookies
D: Peanut butter fudge
B: Salt water taffy
D: Toffee
B: Peanut butter brittle
D: Lemon marangue pie
B: lemon bars
D: Blondies
B: Chocolate Cake with raspberry filling
D: flan
B: This is getting ridiculous... Strawberry milkshakes
D: Apple tart
B: Slowly running out of ideas... Rootbeer float
D: Sherbet
B: Can we call a truce yet? Apple dumplings with vanilla ice cream
D: Gelato. Ok truce
B: ... I still want to list desserts, but it's getting to the point where I'll have to outsource ideas. Hahaha.

Finally there's a truce. *sigh* I can finally rest my brain.

Love from,
Thank god for truces...



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