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Pocket Improvise...

Posted by The one and only "B"... on 3:06 PM
Hello world...

You know what's annoying about most dresses? They don't have pockets. Pockets are seriously underappreciated. I mean, where are you supposed to stash your phone, cigarettes, money, and/or lighters if you don't have pockets? The simple solution would be to carry a purse, but I always forget to grab one. So today when I had to go on a coffee run for my family, I knew I would have to improvise to be able to carry everything I needed, as well as the coffee I'd be carrying back.

Then I remembered a friend of mine in middle school used to stash everything in her bra. I wasn't quite sure if that would work for me, but it did. What a handy place to stash stuff! I will say this though, having change smashed in your bra can be a little bit uncomfortable. As well as cash, because I get paranoid about paper cuts. I was able to hide a lot in there. Seriously, a lot! I even had my phone crammed in there for a little while, but that was just a little too awkward.

Why have I not tried this before?

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