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Jury duty...

Posted by The one and only "B"... on 8:10 AM
Hello world...

Today I have the pleasure of performing my civic duty of being a petit juror... At the ungodly hour of 8:30 in the morning. I'm not much of a morning person, you can barely get a few words out of me. Especially if I haven't had my daily dose of coffee yet. My Aunt tried to get me jazzed about the prospect of potentially being on a jury. Which I grumbled something along the lines that I'd probably be stoked if it wasn't so early. She replied with a comment about how if I had a job in the city, then I'd be waking up this early everyday, and that I should join the rest of the world in reality.

I've never had any intention of joining the world in reality. What my intentions are, at this point, aren't really applicable to this blog post. Maybe another day...

For now, I'm finishing my cup of coffee and smoking a cigarette before I have to go in. I left an hour before I was supposed to be here. Even though it's only a twenty minute drive to the court house, I prefer to be early. That way I can listen to music, enjoy my alone time, before going in and trying to find the place I'm supposed to report to. I would have brought a book, but apparently reading materials are prohibited.

It's actually quite funny how many people gave me suggestions on how to get out of jury duty. Most of them consisted of, "I hate (insert choice race here)". Somehow I can't see myself doing something like that though. I'm not very good at lying, plus I'm overly suspicious of the government and judicial system. Like somehow they'll know I'm not a racist, and that my family jokes that my friends and I are the league of nations, and I'll be held in contempt of court or something. I also keep hoping that I'll get assigned to a case my dad is presiding over. He's a lawyer, and this is about the only time his job might come in handy for me. Chances of that happening are like, one in a million, I'm guessing. I can dream...

I keep hoping whatever case I'm assigned to involves a driver hitting a person on a bike... Just so I can high-five the driver who hit them. I hate bikers. They are always on busy streets, and never on sidewalks. They never follow the rules of the road, and they seem to think that the whole world should stop for them or something. Well, bikers, cars beat bikes always.

Well, I don't have much more time for random ramblings and diatribes on bikes. Gotta go perform that civic duty.

Love from,
Please, please let this case be mildly entertaining for me. If it isn't, can I please be dismissed? I believe in capital punishment! *sigh*

P.S. Apparently everyone else disregarded the "no reading material" memo... I wish I would have watched "12 Angry Men" before coming to this... The original black and white version. Not the remake.



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