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War of words...

Posted by The one and only "B"... on 8:30 PM
Hello world!

I'm starting to notice a weird tradition that D and I have started. The best way I can really describe it is like a war of words. You've probably seen our back and forth list of desserts, but today our conversation was a little bit different... I'll just let you see and read for yourself:

B: Last night I survived four hours of disco. I can survive anything.
D: Zombies?
B: Yup!
D: apes?
B: hells yeahs
D: Oversized mangos?
B: I can easily fight mangos.
D: Keebler elves
B: they love me.
D: Aliens from Signs
B: man made shotguns for a reason.
D: Werewolves
B: why do you think I wear so much silver?
D: ninjas
B: Well now that I've watched the episode of the best warrior, I know all the ninja's tricks, and therefor know how to avoid them
D: 10000 Pillsbury doughboys with rabies
B: They are made of dough and afraid of water. Super soaker can easily overtake them
D: How many supersoakers do you have?
B: More than I'm willing to admit... Remember the one that had the attachment of extra water containers that strapped to your back? Yeah, I've got that one... I took watergun fights seriously as a child... Probably because I was the only girl in the neighborhood and therefor had much more to prove
D: Killer whales with legs
B: cut off their legs... They are very top heavy.
D: Giant spiders
D: muffins
B: I'll eat them
D: Angry pink elephants
B: I'll give them daisies. Peace and love, homie!

Love from,
I do enjoy random conversations...



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