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The Breakdown Begins...

Posted by StuckintheSeventies423 on 2:29 PM
Last night, I was given the privilege of witnessing the complete and utter breakdown of a once flourishing business and the people that run it. Expecting to come in and do nothing (or to just get called out again), my boss (who was actually present for a change) informs me and the rest of the night shift that the investors are holding a meeting with the owners of the property. Apparently, they would be finding out for the first time that not only was the place closing down in December but they would also get to hear about just how much money they all lost (from what I understand, it was basically everything). We all knew that shit was likely to hit the fan and so I suggested to my boss that we serve drinks to them in plastic cups (cause they hurt less). She laughed... but a few hours later it became clear to both of us that maybe we should've taken my smart ass comment a little more seriously.

While no skin on glass contact was made, one of the investors became very disturbed by the whole situation and flung his glass of red wine against the wall before grabbing his coat and making a quick exit. More glass was broken when another one swung his arms across the table and took out his drink as well as several others. I hid in the server station because at that point my boss had hung me out to dry and was hiding in the womens locker room. I really have too much to fucking deal with, so I stayed there and listened to grown men scream at each other and break glasses for about an hour before they all stood up and stormed out. The owners actually made a break through the backdoor! I then spent the next half hour cleaning up broken glass and picking up silverware that had been scattered all over the place. After that, I slammed down a Jack and Coke and got the fuck out of there. Bunch of fucking children! Don't get me wrong, I'd be pissed off as well but that's what happens when you're an investor. It's a calculated risk. Sometimes you're going to win and sometimes you might lose. But hey, that's life.

I'm at work using my bosses computer cause she's not here today and I'm on my lunch break. I could use the break room, but I'd rather take a break in her office and pretend that I run the fucking place for a little while (that was kind of the case this morning). Should've gone for that manager spot two years ago.

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