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Library Time

Posted by D on 12:34 AM
I'm sitting in the library right now, fogged out on too much coffee, thinking about how odd this is. In college, I rarely went to the library. I rarely even studied. My theory was I could do very well and make myself miserable in the process or do pretty well and enjoy my college experience. I chose the latter. And yet here I am sitting in the library reading through chapters in my textbooks after only 1 class each of graduate school.

Maybe this won't happen again. Maybe it will happen before big tests and assignments. Maybe this is my new home. Regardless, something is different here. The culture around me is different.

Perhaps being in a fraternity frames your priorities in such a way that academics don't seem so important. Perhaps it was just my role. Perhaps I was just immature. Regardless, here I am. I am studying before homework has been assigned. For me, that's insane.
The library I am studying in looks like it belongs in Hogwarts. Maybe this is how all libraries look. I wouldn't know.




I love libraries! There's something amazing about the way books smell, especially old ones. *sigh* I want a house with a big library. Like in Beauty and the Beast, where there were hundreds of thousands of books. I love books.

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