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TK Reviews Record Stores...

Posted by StuckintheSeventies423 on 5:16 PM
So this morning I decided to take a trip up north to Fords, New Jersey in search of one of the greatest music stores I've ever personally been to. For the record (get it... ugh), I love vinyl! Not the bondage kind of vinyl (you sickos) but vinyl records (you know, those big black discs that people used to listen to music on). Now, before you even work up the nerve to call me a "hipster" I want to point out that I've been listening to my parents record collection (The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix) since I was about seven or eight. Are you going to call a seven year old a hipster? It's a way of a life!

Unfortunately, vinyl has a had a serious falling out with the majority of music fans ever since the advent of CD's and digital downloads. I'm still fine with CD's but I will never get into downloading music. Sure, the convenience of staying at home with the couch growing out of the back of your head is nice but there's something so... hollow about it. There's no hard copy of it, no inside sleeve, no artwork, no liner notes, no nothing! And sure the sound quality of CD's is far superior but it's missing that special warm sound that can only be produced on vinyl (snap, crackle, and pop). Plus using a turntable is just so much damn fun (it takes a keen eye and a steady hand to pick the song you want to hear)!

Thankfully, this great state of New Jersey has a number of amazing places for all the vinyl freaks and geeks to get their fill. There's Vintage Vinyl in Fords, New Jersey, there's Jack's Music Shoppe in Red Bank, and there's the Princeton Record Exchange in Princeton (go figure). Today, I'll be doing a quick review for Vintage Vinyl and Jack's Music Shoppe (because I've never been to Princeton Record Exchange but I will one day).

I'll start with Jack's in Red Bank. Can you say "overpriced?" Good lord, Jack's is an expensive place! First off, CD's and DVD's are worth about twice what they'd normally be worth anywhere else (let's say Best Buy). Second off, their selection is pretty mediocre. It's no surprise if I walk in and then walk out empty handed. Third, the way they "display" their vinyls by keeping them in boxes and crates UNDERNEATH the CD selections. I feel like they're trying to give me scoliosis. The only way to sift through them is to drag one of the boxes out into the aisle and then avoid getting tripped over by other shoppers. Lastly, the people aren't very helpful (I'll leave it at that because I'm not trying to make this personal). Jack's is good to visit if you happen to be in Red Bank but they need to drop their prices and dedicate an actual section to vinyl as opposed to just throwing them in boxes on the floor (looks like my attic). Jack's gets a big old boo from me!

Which brings me to Vintage Vinyl located in Fords, New Jersey. At the moment, this has to be my favorite place to go when it comes to shopping for music. It's only a short drive north on the Garden State Parkway (low tide today, stanky) and the store itself is located in a small plaza right in front of an electrical sub-station (not the best location) so it's pretty easy to miss if it's your first time going there. But once you're inside, you realize immediately that you've just hit the mother load! Wall to wall CD's and vinyl records, their selection is borderline limitless! Everything is pretty fairly priced (from new to used) and I usually walk out a very happy man each time. The people their are also much more helpful and will usually leave you alone as you browse through the incredible display (I could've sworn the girl at the register was shorter when I walked in. Maybe she has a box back there to stand on). They even have a small stage for mini-concerts and guest appearances. There's also a hookah lounge right next door as well as a White Castle (which I had today) and a Sonic Drive-In just down the street!

So, if you're a music fan and you're looking for some record stores to check out then these are some great places to start. One day I'll have to check out the Princeton Record Exchange because I've heard nothing but good things. Remember folks, these are only the opinions of one overly eccentric vinyl fan. Long live vinyl records!

Till next time, let us rock in peace



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