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D&D: Part I

Posted by D on 10:53 AM

We finally played Dungeons & Dragons last night. R and Char have been trying to get us to play for weeks. Our collective lack of enthusiasm for it kinda pushed it to the back burner, but we finally got to it yesterday after a weekend of massive chip gorging and hiking.

For some reason, I was designated the task of Dungeon Master. I only learned the term Dungeon Master recently from an episode of Community (my favorite show- incidentally, Abed makes it look much easier than it turned out to be.) I never really considered playing D&D before, so I really had no idea how to play at all. I tried reading the instructions a few weeks ago, but that didn't help all that much. It certainly didn't help that I got really drunk before we started playing. C & I drank an almost full 2L bottle of this punch that I made at college (it was absurdly alcoholic). By the time we started, I was having trouble reading the story and was even more trouble trying to describe it to the rest of the guys. I must have been the worst DM ever.

Some highlights from Day 1:

1) C raped a women in front of her children. I know it sounds bad (especially since T had just blown up her shack with everybody inside), but she was still very helpful. You would think she would be more upset about it.

2) T tried to rape somebody but failed. It's unclear how or why he failed, but he did.

3) DM was an asshole to everybody the group met along the way. At one point, he tried to insult a bartender, but he also failed. The bartender laughed at him in amusement.

4) At the very beginning, a bartender offered C a beer. C threatened the bartender or a 2nd beer, and the bartender acquiesced. Out of jealousy, T burned down the bar.




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