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Welcome to the life and chronicles of My Jersey Boys and me, B (the only girl who hangs out with them). Our original mission was to prove that not all of Jersey is obsessed with GTL. Now it's kind of become the place where we share our random thoughts, ridiculous stories, regular quote updates, and maybe a picture or video here and there. There's always something going on...

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HP 7.2

Posted by Link on 6:46 PM
No, it's not a new laptop or printer. It is Harry Potter. B, T, D and I (meaning myself and not a new friend named I) went to the midnight showing of 7.2 two weeks ago. We saw people in costume, long lines, I laughed and B cried. Now since HP is now over I thought what better way to keep it in our minds with a couple of funny comics. Enjoy.

Oh, Hermione, my infatuation of you will never be explained.



"there are gingers behind you!" Hahahaha!

And yes, I cried.

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