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Welcome to the life and chronicles of My Jersey Boys and me, B (the only girl who hangs out with them). Our original mission was to prove that not all of Jersey is obsessed with GTL. Now it's kind of become the place where we share our random thoughts, ridiculous stories, regular quote updates, and maybe a picture or video here and there. There's always something going on...

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I Can't Wait...

Posted by StuckintheSeventies423 on 10:37 AM
... till my job is done with! I've only got two more months of six day (mostly twelve hour) workweeks left. If only I had a time machine, preferably one that only goes forward! Can't wait to collect unemployment and let my body (and mind) repair itself after five years of this crap!



Congrats! Got anything fun planned to do for celebration?


I think I'm just going to curl up on the couch with a good book and a hot cup of cocoa... Nah! I'm going to get so bombed that I hopefully won't ever remember working there!

Haha, thanks for the comment!

*laughs* Um, yeah. Don't be stealing my favorite past times. Everyone knows the book and the cocoa is mine!

I'm all for the getting bombed part though. I'm sure the whole group will celebrate with you, TK.

i'll be there, with some soup in a tube

See the post about food in tubes

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