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Tell Me... I Didn't Just See That...

Posted by StuckintheSeventies423 on 2:05 AM

New Jersey has been besieged by rain and thunderstorms so a large group of us gathered at Char’s house. I was the first to arrive, which is rare for me, and was served up an amazing meal by Char’s grandma. I honestly didn’t expect it and I couldn’t stop saying thank you whenever I ran into her throughout the house, it was great. Slowly but surely we all came together at Char’s starting with J, followed by T and R, DM made a quick appearance, then B arrived, and D showed up last after his flight was cancelled due to the weather.

We played some pool and hung out inside for most of the night before finally deciding to watch a movie on Char’s laptop. Horror films tend to come up in conversation (see: How To Survive a Scary Movie) and at one point we were talking abut the Texas Chainsaw Massacre but somehow we ended up watching this super low-budget B-movie that I’d heard of but never actually seen. The film… was Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers…

Seriously… Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers was unbelievable in its lunacy and succeeded in it’s task of being one of the most fucked up movies we have ever seen!

Tell me… I didn’t just see that?!

You gotta love watching crappy movies on a crappy day. Oh shit, I have to go to work in the morning!

Till next time, let us rock in peace.

Song change... this one just seemed more appropriate.
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