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How To Take a Good Thing and Ruin It...

Posted by StuckintheSeventies423 on 2:34 AM

I feel bad posting so much shit about where I work on here but quite frankly I can’t help but feel like everyone I usually vent to just can’t stand it anymore. This ranges from a few of my friends to my own parents, who have been there every day for the past five years. Five years is a long time to commit to anything be it a job or even to someone you love. But then again, I don’t really know what that is because most of my relationships have only lasted a few months. Maybe I’m not interesting enough (work has consumed me) or maybe my hairs too long (fuck off), it’s an entirely different issue. I’m way too independent anyway, I’ll deal with it. I’ve digressed… far from my original topic! Despite the brutal work schedule and my negligent and irresponsible employer, I used to love where I worked? But if we had an instructional video for new employees, it should really be titled "How to Take a Good Thing and Ruin It!"

Most people hate their job (in fact, I think everyone does) but I always felt different about it because my job used to be a lot of fun! For those of you who haven’t read my other work related rants, I work in the restaurant of what used to be a pretty nice country club (I won’t mention any names cause that’s how people get into fucking trouble!) We have a regular dining room which is open every day of the week except for Monday because that’s when we usually host golf outings for other companies. Because the club centers itself around golf, we’re naturally a lot busier during the summer than the winter so it’s no surprise that I’d be off for like a month or two after the holidays. Who the fuck is playing golf in the snow? My point is, the place USED to function!

The regular restaurant used to be busy at pretty much all hours of the day. So you’d lose track of time and when the last few tables of the day would duck out, it would be time to do the same! But the golf outings are where all the fun used to be at! The days were always early and pretty much everyone would be scheduled to work. For the record, I’ve worked with some great people over the years. Some of them have moved on to better things while many of them still work alongside of me to this day. After it’s all over, that is what I will miss the most. And it’s sad to think that, in the end, we’re all getting fucked because all the shitheads that hold management positions (and let us fall by the wayside from their negligence) have secured jobs at other clubs while the rest of us (the ones who were doing all the work) have been hung out to dry! But that’s what happens. Sometimes fate deals a cruel hand and you’re going to have to find some way to get by.

But the Monday outings were awesome! The clubhouse itself would be a ghost town until lunch and dinner when everyone would come back in. In our down time, we’d hit the course with golf carts of our own and head for the woods where we’d shotgun beers and chill for a while. Shit, sometimes we’d bring fishing poles and fish in some of the ponds on the course. There are some monsters in those waters! We’d find lost golf balls and drive a few on the practice hole but before you knew it, it would be time to head in and set up the buffet! There’s nothing like serving food and drinks to 130+ when you’re hammered. Then there’s the super secret hangout spot otherwise known as the Bat Cave! I can say no more! Someday I’m going to write a movie about all of this shit!

But over the past two years, a storm cloud turned into a full on hurricane as the economy fell apart and membership dropped drastically. The kitchen makes the same old shit (and to think we served ostrich at one time, pretty good shit might I add) and the food and beverage manager (my boss) is never around (order some fucking linens, we are out of table cloths!) Let’s face it, you know you’re getting screwed over when you’re around more often than your boss! Worse yet, we have every reason to believe that she’s stolen gratuities from certain members of the staff. We’ve tried to do something about it but she, admittedly, has some pretty powerful friends. So once again, we’re fucked!

My biggest regret is not going for the manager position two years ago when we really needed an active floor manager (no point now, our days are numbered.) It’s an easy job if you do the bare minimum which would basically make you a “greeter” but I’m never satisfied with the bare minimum! Knowing myself all too well, I would’ve gotten more involved in how things worked (even more so than I am now) and I would’ve looked for solutions to make things better. Like go public? Seriously, we would’ve raked in so much more money if we just let more people use the golf course and restaurant. Fools…

Today, I had to take the reign’s once more when my boss flaked halfway through one of the busiest days we’ve had since last summer. With 200+ on the course today and close to 170 covers in the restaurant, my boss had the balls to call me and this other girl in a few hours early to help only to tuck tail and run away when the two of us showed up. I’ll bet every cent to my name and my very own life that she hit the nearest bar and started pounding some long island ice teas (her beverage of choice, next to the ice coffees that she leaves EVERYWHERE!) I was pissed and found myself voicing my opinion of the whole place to pretty much anyone I encountered! A side of me came out today at work that no one has ever really seen because I came off really aggressive. I stood for no one’s shit tonight and because of that, all the left over side work got done (I know we’re closing but we’re still open, dumbasses!) It bothers me that I'm 22 and I'm probably more responsible than any of the "adults" I work with!

I guess most of this shit really happened yesterday but it all just feels like one long day to me (its half past two and I’ve been up since eight.) Eh, I love the night. Speaking of the night, I need to watch From Dusk Till Dawn again. Most badass vampire movie ever! It starts off with an armed robbery, goes to this Mexican strip club, and BOOM! Fucking vampires!

I just took a look back, it’s amazing how much I wrote in such a short time! But that’s what a few beers and a fire pit to stare at can do. Alright, I’ll leave you with the trailer for From Dusk Till Dawn and this mellow tune by Eddie Vedder from his latest solo album, Ukulele Songs.

Till next time, let us rock in peace.



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