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I Went Looking for My Voice Today...

Posted by D on 12:19 PM
After reading Char's post last night, I was inspired to go out and find my voice. Before reading his detailed instructions for becoming a better writer, computer programmer, and metaphysical philosopher, I thought I had my voice. After all, I have been speaking for years (almost as long as I can remember). All my experiences suggested to me that my voice was strong yet slightly nasally. Sometimes clever, but sometimes brutally annoying. However, I found out last night that my voice and I don't have a very strong relationship. How could we? Here I was thinking that my voice reflected my simple thoughts and feelings when it turns out that refined voices harangue in complex language and dedicated usage of words that college professors must be taught before they get tenure. I never knew that was what my voice really sounded like or should sound like. Fortunately, Char provided some awesome instructions for eruditizing my voice, so I made it my goal this morning to finally find my voice. I figured it would only take 30 min (the time it takes me to walk from the bus stop to my office- also the amount of time I have to write this post) since it only took Char 30 min to write his instructions (and not a second more).

Char's list of options was pretty lengthy, so I figured I'd start from the beginning: writing. Unfortunately, writing while you're walking is pretty tough, so I had to improvise. Luckily, one of his other techniques was to work on externalizing your inner monologue. I decided the best way to start seeing some progress was to monologue externally while writing the words on an imaginary piece of paper in front of me as I walked through midtown Manhattan. So there I was walking and writing and speaking and erasing (I don't like spelling errors). I wrote (and spoke) about my thoughts on god, politics, sandwiches, Oreos (thats right, Oreos gets capitalized but god doesn't), etc. I could tell I was making some kind of progress because other people could definitely hear my voice. People were looking deep into my eyes, which I can only assume was because they were riveted by my explanations about why chunky peanut butter is superior to creamy and what deli meats go best with jalapeno havarti cheese. I could sense that the people around me would look back at me as they walked past, not wanting to miss the brilliant monologue that had just passed them. I'd like to think that I inspired people today. By the time I got to my office, there was no doubt in my mind that I was about to finally find my voice. Although it may take some time, I feel like if I keep doing what I did today, I'll get there in no time.




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