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Posted by StuckintheSeventies423 on 12:14 PM
Ants! Last night, after sitting on my patio for a few hours more than I usually do, I came inside and made myself a delicious pulled pork sandwich (not important to the story, but it was soooo good). I sat down on my couch and feasted in front of my computer as I worked on this new idea I've been tossing around in my head for the past few weeks (I think the world is ready for another cartoon rock band) when I was joined by my faithful animal companion, Mr. Kitty (it's a girl, she's horribly gender confused). She sat on the table for a while before running off into the kitchen (I assumed that watching me eat made her hungry and that she was heading for her food dish). When I didn't hear any loud crunching sounds, I figured something was wrong.

I leaned over slightly and noticed that Mr. Kitty was laying in front of her food dish as she rolled around restlessly. I got up and walked over to where she was and knelt down. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that a line of ants were making their way from a crack in the floor molding and were swarming her food dish. Her turf had been invaded! I grabbed a tissue and disrupted the chain, which sent the ants scattering in all directions. Mr. Kitty (not as dumb as she comes off) realized what I was trying to do and it wasn't long before she joined in on the fray! She pounced on the nearest ant, smashing it with her paws before lapping up the next few with her tongue (she takes no prisoners, neither do I)! It wasn't long before we both circled around and came face to face once again, with every ant having been smashed or eaten by Mr. Kitty. I cleaned out her food dish (where there were some stragglers) and gave her some clean food. Mr. Kitty sat up and looked at me, blinking her eyes several times (I've read that this is a subtle form of communication for cats) so I blinked back and patted her on the head before she went back to her bowl of crunchy food.

This morning I checked her dish again and no ants were found after the previous nights massacre! Be afraid ants! Be very fucking afraid!



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