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On the Patio, Again...

Posted by StuckintheSeventies423 on 2:36 AM

I’m not sleeping tonight even if I wanted to so I’ve gone to my favorite watering hole, my patio (anyone like whiskey). It was supposed to rain tonight but it seems like we’ve been spared and the air has simply cooled down instead. I guess that’ll make up for the fact that today was one of those brutally hot summer days (even more so if you had to work today). I should be able to sleep after an exhausting day because that’s usually how it works with me but tonight is a little different I suppose. The past weekend has given me quite a bit to think about (a family wedding is a good place for shit to come up at). Some of it’s on a positive note and some it is a little more negative (as would be the case with anything) but it’s better than my mind being on the same old shit because it’s starting to… disturb me.

Tonight at D’s, a few of us hung out for a bit and watched a little TV. As I enter, C tells me that “They have a WWE Championship match tonight.” At first I had no idea what he was talking about (WWE? I grew up with the WWF) until they changed the channel. Right! Monday Night Raw, that shits only been on TV for almost twenty years (although I remember when it was RAW is WAR). Yet, somehow I had forgotten? To be honest, I haven’t watched a full episode of the show since 2003 (Kane took his mask off), I’ve only tuned in if I heard about something good but most of the time it’s the same old tired garbage.

Now, let me start by saying that most of us grew up in a time when pro-wrestling was the FUCKING SHIT! For those of you that remember 1997-1999, you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing somebody wearing an n.W.o shirt or an Austin 3:16 shirt. We’d tune in on a weekly basis because everyone at school would be talking about it the next day. Whether it was about Kane setting a cameraman on fire with a bolt of lightning or Stone Cold Steve Austin driving a Beer Truck into the arena or even when Mankind beat The Rock for the title, it was a very important part of our day to day lives when we were kids. Tonight, we watched Vince McMahon get “pseudo-fired” by Triple H after Vince tried to fire John Cena (never got into that guy). This was the entire ending of the show, nothing ACTUALLY happened.

First off, Vince came out wearing a pink jacket (which was ridiculous in itself) then he goes on for about ten minutes before bringing John Cena out. Cena does the whole “you’re a douche if you fire me because I do it for the fans blah blah blah,” speech and then Triple H comes out and breaks the news to Vince while being on the verge of tears. Then he leaves and Vince is left standing in the ring crying. And then the show ends. Am I really supposed to tune in next week? Maybe I’m showing a little bit of my age here but they’ve done this shit before. Stone Cold beat the Undertaker way back when and as an added stipulation Vince had to quit (useless information stored in my brain). WAY more entertaining to watch then Triple H coming out in a suit and firing some frail old man in a pink jacket. Unless they’re going for “stupid funny” these days, it’s kind of hard to tell.

This is how you end a fucking show and build some damn suspense! This shit blew me the fuck away when I was 9 and it gave me chills seeing it again now because it was a highly controversial moment at the time. By the way, I love YouTube.

Turns out, Stone Cold ended up winning that one as well and buried the Undertaker alive only for the son of a bitch to come back more pissed off than ever! These are the kind of rivalries and “cheap” gimmicks that I used to enjoy. Now it all just seems cheap.

Maybe I’m bored? Maybe I just don’t care enough to try? As a few light rain drops hit the screen of my laptop, I’m reminded of the latest South Park episode which was titled, “You’re Getting Old.” Whether the creators (Matt Stone and Trey Parker) were talking about themselves or their core audience (Us, been watching this shit since ’97) it’s hard to deny that you really do grow out of certain things as time passes by. Some things will always stick with you though. Like South Park which has never stopped being funny to me (and I look forward to more in the fall) or playing a few rounds of Goldeneye with everyone or even taking a scenic drive along the coast. The fact of the matter is that no matter how much life will change over the next year, the simple pleasures will always remain.

I’m going to head inside before the heaven’s open up and I get rained on. Sorry if my writing gets a little heavy sometimes but it’s kind of hard for me to avoid. Anyway, time for some pizza which I’ve eaten everyday for the past couple of weeks. It can’t be too healthy but it’s so good I could care less!

Sweet! I got a day off tomorrow too. What to do, what to do? Here's to good weather!

Till next, let us rock in peace



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