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I've Changed My Mind About Walmart

Posted by D on 9:39 AM
From http://blog.seattlepi.com/thebigblog/2011/07/19/south-parks-cheesy-poofs-coming-to-walmart/:

Finally, you can eat Cheesy Poofs just like Eric Cartman.

The fictional Cheeto-like snack food is coming to a Walmart near you in honor of “South Park’s” 15th year on Comedy Central. The bag features the same trademark rocket ship seen on the animated show, and I’m imagining the contents are cheesy and poofy.

Not to mention devoid of nutritional value.

The novelty item will be manufactured and distributed by Frito-Lay, according to Reuters. They’ll be available for a limited time this fall for $2.99 per 2 3/8-ounce bag. Pricey, but likely worth it for South Park fans.

Cheesy Poofs are just part of what Comedy Central has planned for the milestone 15th year. The network recently announced the “Year of the Fan,” marked by a 15,000 square–foot “Ultimate ‘South Park Fan Experience” exhibit at San Diego’s Comic-Con.

Comedy Central is also urging fans to “take over Facebook” by creating and uploading South Park avatars. (You can do that with this avatar creator.)

I took the liberty of making a South Park avatar of myself so you can see how it’s done. (See image at right.) Yeah, my hair looks a little like that today. And the avatar is holding a burrito because I’m hungry — and a burrito sounds pretty good.



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