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B's guide to surviving Greek Night...

Posted by The one and only "B"... on 4:11 PM
Hello world!

Thursday's are the worst days of the week. At least they are when you work the closing shift at the Greek restaurant I work at, because Thursday nights are Greek Night. Which means full waiting service, live Greek music, BYOB, and the place will stay open as long as people are still here. So I have come up with a list of rules for myself, and my fellow employees.

1) Do nothing. I mean it, before your shift, do absolutely nothing. Store up your energy for as long as possible. You'll be grateful later when it's ten o'clock at night and you still have enough energy to get you through this living nightmare of a night.

2) Be prepared. Take a shower an hour before work, because once you get to work, you'll enjoy the memory of that precious hour where you felt clean and didn't smell of gyro meat. Also, don't bother doing your hair or putting on make up. Your hair is just going to go up in a ponytail anyways. Plus its like a hundred degrees inside the restaurant, any makeup you're going to put on is just going to melt off in the first fifteen minutes of work. Also, you might want to think about wearing that nice diamond ring your mom gave you. That way when the old drunk men start telling you you're pretty (apparently they don't mind your messy hair and lack of makeup), you can switch that ring onto your left hand and say, "thank you! My fiancé thinks so too.".... Trust me, it works.

3)Enjoy the drive. Enjoy that last fifteen minutes of freedom as you drive to work. Enjoy a cigarette, or two. Listen to music that will make you happy. Honk and swear at people if you want, because you're going to have to be nice to drunk assholes for the next five plus hours.

4)Be THAT person. Be the over-achiever who gets things done fast and efficiently. Bonus points if you do things like restocking without being asked. Also, it never hurts to carry around a few pennies in your pockets. Especially since you don't want to disappoint your boss's adorable three year old son, who's favorite pastime is throwing pennies into the fountain of Neptune in the corner of the restaurant. Why do all this? Because when it comes time for the boss to decide who gets to go home early, and who gets to stay until close (which can sometimes be as late as two in the morning), who do you think he is going to choose? The person who worked above and beyond what they were supposed to? Or the person who did barely what's asked? I'll tell you who, the person who works their ass off. Which is me, every freaking week.

I like getting off work at nine o'clock.

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It's also a good idea to keep perfume or febreeze in the car, so you can spray away the smell of gyros after work.



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