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The "would be" best prank ever...

Posted by The one and only "B"... on 1:16 AM
The other night D, TK and I were discussing a strange idea... Kidnapping C. Which wouldn't be easy because he's stronger than us. I think it's fair enough to say that. D has once even mentioned how when C gets mad, he hulks up... So kidnapping C would have to be executed in a perfect way... Here's what we came up with.

A few weeks ago, I drove C to and from Pace so he could hang out in the Del for the weekend with all of us. So I know how to get to C's house quite easily. Once I make a drive to somewhere a couple times, I can easily remember where to go. When I'm sober. Not that I drive drunk. I have a good reason for not doing that... not just the obvious reason of not wanting to be responsible killing a bunch of people, because I'm too fucked up to be driving a two ton object of destruction... but that's a different story. Anyways, I know how to get to C's house. I also know that we could probably just walk right into his house. So D thinks we should go on a night that he's not sober. Which I would agree with, I think we should get him really drunk, wait till he passes out, then get him into my car...

We couldn't just leave it at that though, because we like to take simple things and make them ridiculous. So we are going to tie him up, blindfold him, and stick him in a kiddie pool full of sand in the trunk of my SUV. We all also decided that he would have to listen to a mix CD of Pink Floyd and sounds from the ocean. We would have a bag of McDonald's, just out of reach of course, so he can smell it. Then we would put some type of liquor in the back of the car with him, because there's always a little space where you can see out of a blindfold. Years of pin the tail on the donkey have taught me this. So we would make sure he could see it. Plus we would be smoking.

It is the most ridiculous way to kidnap someone. I figure afterwards he couldn't be too mad though. He'd be able to eat some McDonald's, drink a little, and smoke. Plus be hanging out with us... which he hasn't done in a few weeks... which is why we discussed kidnapping him in the first place. *laughs*

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