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Things I Love About New Jersey

Posted by D on 6:19 PM
*I would love to describe the STD I invented a few days ago. However, it's border line offensive, so I'm going to keep it to myself for now. Here's a hint if you're interested.*

Having lived in the south now for a few years, I feel I have a good perspective on what New Jersey does well and what it doesn't. People outside NJ don't think very highly of us and our way of life. When somebody asks a NJ native if they are from NY, the NJ native is flattered. When somebody asks a NY native if they are from NJ, the NY native sneers in offense.

So here is what I love about NJ:

1) Bagels (Never let any state tell you it has better bagels. It doesn't. Except maybe NY. Maybe)
2) Deli Sandwiches (We have Italians and Jews. That's all you need.)
3) Football: (We, not NY, have two NFL teams. Only California has more)

*Note: It took me 10 minutes to think of #4*

4) Proximity to NYC (Gives us the Yankees.)
5) Our hometown (It is actually very green, despite what you may think.)

*Note: I'm really struggling now*

6) Good public schools.

What do you love about NJ? Can you count higher than 6?




I can count more than 6 reasons of why I love New Jersey. Lol. I made a pro/con list of reasons why I should move back.

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