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Welcome to the life and chronicles of My Jersey Boys and me, B (the only girl who hangs out with them). Our original mission was to prove that not all of Jersey is obsessed with GTL. Now it's kind of become the place where we share our random thoughts, ridiculous stories, regular quote updates, and maybe a picture or video here and there. There's always something going on...

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The Phone Call

Posted by The one and only "B"... on 11:36 AM
This post is directed to my boys... My family has informed me that one of you called my house phone and left a message... All you did was creepily say my name and hang up... So my question is two parted: a) who the hell called me lol, and b) who even has my house phone number? Because I don't even give that one out. I had to try not to laugh when my family told me. They didn't even save the message. Anyway, you made me laugh. Next time just call my cell... I don't need my family to have another reason to think we are all out of control and crazy. Even though we kind of are...



I thought it was you... lol. How do you know it was him?

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