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My Big Win in AC…

Posted by StuckintheSeventies423 on 12:48 PM

My Big Win in AC…

So back in October, our little tribe went down to Atlantic City to celebrate our good buddy R’s birthday. It was a night of beer, whiskey, gambling, great food, and more beer.

We had a couple of big wins in our group with J and… crap another name that starts with J… we’ll just go with JF, both walking away with more than they arrived with. I won five bucks even though I was up by thirty dollars on video poker but instead of walking away I kept playing and lost it all. No surprise, I never know when to quit!

Anyway, before their big wins we all ended up back at the room where the drink continued to flow. The whole night I really had no idea what time it was because frankly there was no time to care about time! I love pulling all nighters when I get the chance to and a trip to Atlantic City is the perfect place. Who needs time, anyways?

R started craving some snack foods and I mentioned that I had seen a vending machine down the hall. So we walked down to the vending machines, all the while I kept jumping and swinging myself from these little crevices (I guess that’s what I’d call them) in the ceiling and launching myself ahead of R. We make it to the vending machines, R made his selection first as I tried to decide whether I wanted one candy bar or a lot of something. I decided to go with the peanut M&M’s.

I put my dollar in and pressed the number, waiting with anticipation as the little metal ring slid to the side and the yellow bag of M’s slowly moved towards me. As the bag in front fell forward, the one behind it suddenly broke free of its shackles and tumbled down behind its brother and into the bin! R and I started cheering and yelling like we’d just hit the fucking jackpot! Up five bucks and a bag of peanut M&M’s! It was a most triumphant scene indeed!



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