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C's ode to South Park

Posted by The one and only "B"... on 10:30 AM
South Park
Tomorrow is not only a special day for me but a special day for the entire group. One of our favorite shows is back for its 15th season and I can’t seem to get my mind off of it. South Park has been my favorite show since my uncle let me watch the Scuzzlebut episode when I was in third grade, coincidently Stan Kyle Kenny and Cartman were also in the third grade at that time as well. The show has evolved so much since its first season, they went from original ideas with foul mouth children to a show that is constantly making fun of celebrities and current events with complete cast of characters that make up the entire town. I happen to love every episode of South Park but with that said here are some I think you should watch any learn to appreciate the show again.

Top 5 episodes:
(Theres no way I can put them in order but here are 5 I can watch over and over and over and over and I think you get the idea)

1) Red Sleigh Down – This is not only a great episode for the fact that it is a Christmas episode, features Jesus Christ killing people, and has a cast of notable characters which include Mr. Hankey, the underpants gnomes, and Kyles’ cousin from new york but it is the episode in which Kenny makes his triumphant return to South Park after a year of being permanently dead.

Kenny’s death – Doesn’t die

2) Chickenlover –  We discover that officer Barbrady has a terrible secret……….. he is illiterate. Barbrady is forced to leave the force in order to learn to read and in his absence Cartman is put in charge of the police force and you better respect his authority.

Kenny’s death – Crushed during parade

3) Chinpokemon – Who wasn’t obsessed with pokemon when they were younger? Aside from this episode completely ripping apart pokemon they introduced what should have been the hot new toy of the summer, Alabama Man
Kenny’s death – Seizure
4) Freakstrike – With Kenny gone and Butters replacing him as the groups new friend he must dress up like a freak ( put balls on his chin ) only to have his life put in danger. The episode also features Cartman dressing like a prostitute and proclaiming “Whateeva I do what I want!”
Kenny’s death – Dead during season
5) Towlie – Towlie is an amazing character, a genetically engineered towel that loves to smoke marijuana. This episode is centered around the kidnapping of the boys ocomagamsephere by aliens and their mission to get it back, but Towlie really steals the show.
Kenny’s death – Dropped into vat of lava
Honorable Mentioins:
Randy Marsh – Probably my favorite character Randy has come on strong in recent years. He has changed so much since the first season. He is no longer only giving Stan advice but having his own adventures as well, if you want any proof of how great Randy Marsh is just watch the World Of Warcraft episode.

Chef – The man the boys would turn to advice and guidance, who would sing songs and make everything right……. we miss you everyday.

Butters – First brought on to replace Kenny but has become his own, he has become entitled to his own episode every season and I cannot wait to see what hijinx he will get into this season.
The new season is literally hours away and I can barely contain myself. The first episode looks like they’re planning on making fun of apple which I am completely for being a droid and PC person myself. Here’s a clip for the new episode enjoy:



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