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Posted by D on 5:34 PM
I feel bad that I haven't written anything for the blog recently, so I've been spending sometime thinking about things to write about. Unfortunately, what I ate for lunch (smoothie) and the color of my shirt (dark grey) are probably not all that interesting to you. Life just doesn't provide consistent interesting material. So I decided to shave...

Seriously, I'm bored watching TV and shaving needed to be on today's To-Do-List. If you don't know me, then shaving seems pretty mundane. If you do know me, then you know shaving may have been the most dangerous thing I've done since the last time I shaved. I'm going to be straightforward: I'm a pretty poor shaver. I hope that I'm the first person to ever write those words in that order, and it's the truth. Ask Tk especially, or J and C (anybody who hung out in our high school library in the morning before classes started). I really can't shave. Some of it is that I'm lazy. Some of it is that I'm impatient. Some of it is that I refuse to pay for a quality razor.

The moral of the story is that when I'm done, there's blood flowing off my face (and I mean flowing). One day Tk walked into the library and asked me, "D did you shave today?" "Yeah." "Well, you've got a whole in your face." And I did. There was a 2 cm whole where my sideburns had been the day before (or hours earlier) and solidified blood on my face. This has happened many times. Many, many times. I am widely known (in NJ and college) for my inability to shave.

BUT: I have gotten better. Marginally.


You never know what's gonna happen in your day that will make you think about your life. Today, it was shaving. Tomorrow it may be pie (the legendary pie fight in my backyard). The day after that it could be a moped parked outside (the legendary moped crash in front of Tk's house).


P.S. I finally stopped bleeding.



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