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The Twilight Drinking Game...

Posted by The one and only "B"... on 1:46 PM
Hello world!

Last night I challenged C to the Twilight drinking game. We are the only two people in the group that were secret fans of the franchise. I say "were" because J and R eventually joined us. When J first arrived, I allowed C to change the TV back to the football game, because he was embarrassed, but eventually he switched it back to the movie. Now C is being teased for being a Twilight Boy... Yet, no one makes fun of me for liking it. I guess that's because I'm a girl, and it can't be helped or something. We made R and J suffer through a few scenes, like the baseball game and James and Edward's showdown, but that seemed to be all J and R could handle. There was a lot of debate about how awful the franchise is. I stand by the fact that the books are really good (except Breaking Dawn, which read like a bad fan-fiction), and that while the first movie sucked, the movies have improved as the series progressed. I should have made them watch the end of the movie, because, with as much as they were whining through those two scenes, I'm pretty sure the end of the movie would have had them beating their heads against the wall.

Because I can't help myself, here's a clip of the final scene:

If you want to play the Twilight Drinking game, here's the list of rules we followed. We searched around for ideas before landing on these. Thank you, Google, for making my life easier on a daily basis. I suggest while playing this game that you take breaks, drink water, and eat food. My reason for this is because drinking too much can be dangerous, obviously, and you don't want a hangover the next morning. Plus I understand that this movie can be very, very hard to sit through... That's why you make fun of it while drinking. We played with beer and mixed drinks... It's safer than just taking shots. Mainly because if you did shots, you'd be in the hospital if you played by our rules.

Twilight Drinking Game Rules:
(Note: We did not make up these rules, we just found them online. I don't want to get yelled at because someone thinks we are trying to rip off their drinking game...)

One for every time Bella klutzes.
+ Two if Edward has to save her
+ Three if no other human would klutz that way (unfortunately, I'm around and we never got to use this option)

One for every mention of dazzle or dazzling
+ Two if there is actual dazzling
+ Three if there is removal of clothing

One for every time Bella and Charlie actually talk
+ Two if there's a mention of dinner
+ Three if it's about Edward

One for cheesy lines that would sound stupid in any other context
+ Two if they sound stupid in this context
+ Three if Rob and Kristen look like they were forced into saying them in that context
+ Four if you know that fangirls would die if it had been said in ANY OTHER WAY (shut up)

One for every time Jasper is actually on screen
+ Two if there's a mention of how dangerous he is
+ Three if Alice is in the same shot

One for every time Rosalie is pissy
+ Two if she breaks something
+ Three if Emmett is hanging all over her while she breaks it

And finally, my personal favorite...
One for every time Edward does something that SHOULD be creepy, but apparently isn't because it's Edward.
+ Two if it doesn't actually involve natural vampire traits (ie, stalking)
+ Three if Bella likes it.

Well, I hope you all find this post moderately funny and that you play this drinking game safely. Now I shall leave you with one final video. Paramore, of course, some "Decode" action for you. Seeing as though no one on YouTube has created a "Twilight Awkward Moments" video like I had hoped. Damn...

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Not a fan. Never will be. Thank you. Goodnight.

Oh, calm down. No one is forcing you to like twilight, J. Don't be such a baby. Lol

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