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Posted by The one and only "B"... on 12:05 PM
Hello world!

So I've been staring at the main page of the blog for a few days, hoping that someone would post something new, because I can't seem to think of anything worth writing about. I tapped myself out with the Hermione Granger Syndrome post. Not that the post was particularly hard to write, but it took a lot of time and effort to track down all those videos and link them to things that I have felt like I've experienced at one point or another. Except for the whole "having magical powers" stuff, I have always felt like I could relate to Hermione's character. It just took D pointing this out for it to really click for me.

There was one video I really wanted to post, but it's embedding option was disabled. At the time, I figured that it wasn't that big of a deal, not having this video in the post. Now though, every time I look at the post, it bothers the hell out of me that I couldn't embed this clip. Mainly because I felt like this clip was specifically important to me. So I'm making a compromise with myself, and posting the link in this post:


The video clip is of Harry and Hermione, during Half-Blood Prince when Hermione and Harry have a serious talk (there's some crying), and Hermione sicks a bunch of charm birds on Ron (because he's an idiot).

I guess this scene felt important to me because I so easily related to it. Especially now. If I'm Hermione in real life, then D would be Harry. I can easily say that D has become one of my closest friends this past year, and there's not much we haven't talked about. So when I'm feeling shitty about something, I usually talk to him about it, and we commiserate. *laughs* Luckily, there isn't a lot of crying involved... and luckily I have no magic powers, so I can't have charm birds attack the people I'm upset with... Damn...

So I guess what I'm saying is...

You know you're suffering from Hermione Granger Syndrome if your best friend is a guy, and he's the one you tell all your problems to and commiserate with... And, you know, don't piss off someone suffering from this syndrome, because they will retaliate in unexpected ways.

Love from,
Why'd I have to be a damn muggle. *laughs* Kidding, kidding...



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