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An event to remember...

Posted by The one and only "B"... on 11:57 AM
Hello world!

There hasn't been much going on recently for the boys and me, which has meant I haven't had any good stories to share. Everyone has been either busy with school, or busy with work, so when we do all get the chance to hang out, it's usually just in TK's garage. I suspect that this is because most of us are too tired to do anything else.

This weekend, however, was an exception. We had a special event to go to, D's Mom got married, and we were all invited! So on Saturday, those of us who could make it to the wedding, got all dressed up and prepared ourselves for a night of festivities. Many of us had never been to a Jewish wedding before, so it was quite the cultural learning experience for us. For instance, we learned that at a Jewish wedding the bride's guest's sit on the right, and groom's guests sit on the left... Which meant we made the mistake of sitting on the groom's side, but no one seemed to care about our oversight. The service went by quickly, with a few funny moments here and there. Occasionally D would look over at us, from his spot on the alter, and make funny faces... I just hope the photographer didn't catch any of them.

However, after the ceremony, while we all lined up to congratulate the bride and groom, was where things started to get confusing. The cantor was still singing, and many people were trying to talk over her to say hello to friends or family members. Meanwhile, J was convinced one of the guests was Kevin Nash, and was trying to get R and myself to pass this piece of information around, but no one seemed to understand what we were saying. Everyone just kind of looked around feeling a little confused. Then there was the matter of what you're supposed to say when you congratulate a Jewish couple on their marriage. Looking back on it, I don't know why that stressed us out so much, I guess it was because we wanted our congratulations to be proper.

After that, things start to get a little blurry... It was an open bar... I literally made it three steps into the cocktail hour before I found a waiter carrying a tray of mimosa's. Here's what I do remember... Talking to T on R's phone (he's still in the Caribbean). A waiter dropped a tray of glasses on J and D. G and I had two beers in the time span of ten minutes. When we moved into the reception hall, I was ecstatic to see that the sushi table was right next to our table. D made an impromptu wedding speech... I don't know if you could actually call it a toast, since he was teasing his mom... Bonding with D's sister, a fact I'm not too sure he's excited about. At one point, I was disappointed to discover there was no more Woodchuck (my favorite). OH! At the beginning of the night, when we were looking for our names on the place cards with our table number on it, I found a place card with Hermione Granger's name. During cocktail hour, I went back to the place card table, and took Hermione's place card, and set it in front of me for the entire night... I also took it home with me.

One of my favorite parts of the night was when G announced that, as D's friends, we were expected to make asses out of ourselves. So it was proposed that we would go onto the dance floor, and make fools out of ourselves. I can't remember who all was dancing, I know I was drunkenly participating. I drunkenly participated in several dances, including following R while he did the hustle (and I tried to mimic what he did), and dancing with D's sister to YMCA and another song I can't remember... but I think we were jumping around pretending to be Indian's...

Finally, the night was winding down... and we decided that we were going to take group pictures... It takes a lot of effort to edit black squares over everyone's eyes, so I'll just include my favorite picture from that night...

The night ended with a balloon fight, and all was well with the world...
The end.

Love from,
The hangover the next morning wasn't too fun though...



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