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Grams, Clean Cups, & Your Middle Finger

Posted by D on 8:20 PM
I was sitting at my desk eating dinner when I had a few thoughts I should share:

Are graham crackers not one of the most underrated snacks? I made a classic peanut/pumpkin butter sandwich, but I didn't know what side I wanted. We have a good amount of snacks and candy, but the grams are what stood out to me. I never appreciate how much I love the taste of grams. I have them at Tk's house sometimes. They've been sitting in my pantry the entire time I've lived here, and I've never picked them as my snack. But tonight they won the lottery... I scooped out some nutella and completed my dinner.

As I crunched through the gram-nutella goodness, I thought of how grams are an underrated member of the smores team. The chocolate and marshmallow get all the attention. Grams are just how you keep the boiling marshmallow from burning your fingers. If our hands were heat resistant, we'd eat that chocolaty- white goo right out of our bare hands. But I think grams can be a lot more than just a utensil. Grams deserve attention. They deserve to be restored to their glory days, around the time The Sandlot came out. The movie that coined the term "Gram" gave graham crackers some attention, and they subsequently peaked in popularity. It's been down hill since then. It's time for a comeback.

We need to do the dishes. Pretty Badly. I don't mind using dirty dishes or bowls for things, especially if I'm eating the same thing that I used it for the last time. There are somethings you can eat/drink with non-clean dishes/cups. Milk... is not one of them. Next time I'll wash out a cup.

When you're eating and using your laptop, it's really important to keep one clean finger on the hand you use to control the mouse. I eat while using my laptop all the time, and I always get the mouse-pad dirty with peanut butter or something. Today, I kept getting nutella on the pad. I know it's gonna happen, and I still always forget to keep a clean finger. I guess my mind just goes blank when I'm eating...




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