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Tis The Season

Posted by cmoney on 2:46 PM
It’s that time of year again, Christmas time! A time for good cheer, festive music, Christmas specials for every one of my favorite TV shows, and Christmas movies galore, mostly in clay-mation. In my house Christmas starts early, were always the first to decorate our house for Christmas mostly because my mom is very anal (haha anal) about the lights being up before Thanksgiving which is held every year at my house. We never really do anything crazy just string some lights and put out some snowmen and reindeer, but its still pretty cool. I know B is putting up decorations right now and I believe TK will have lights around his house as well but that’s about it as far as anyone in our groups Christmas decorating really goes, even though I will try to convince D to decorate his apt. for Chanukah.

I can't express how much I love the holiday season, 10/31 to 1/1 is the best part of the year, which is why i guess they say save the best for last, and as great as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and New Years are they fall well short of Christmas. I mean how many holidays are so awesome that they have to be celebrated half way through the year just to hold people over, just Christmas. Christmas is also that special time of year when you get to see everyone, and I mean EVERYONE you want to. Friends gather as well as family, people you haven't seen or heard from in years would gladly spend time with you around Christmas, just watch H&K3. Older people will enjoy eggnog while the young ones build gingerbread houses and for the people in between they can always enjoy some holiday Christmas trees (If you know what I mean). Everyone will be out looking at Christmas lights while singing along to Christmas music in their "reindeered" car. B even plans on spreading some holiday cheer around town by adding red noses to all the deer crossing signs. And who could forget about the presents, both giving and receiving is just awesome. I still remember waking up at 5am and running into my parents bedroom to wake them up and open presents. Those are the kind of memories ill have till I die and I owe it all to Christmas.

Anyway I can’t wait for Christmas' def. the best time of the year, and that’s a fact not an opinion. So to get you in as good as a holiday mood as I am I will share with you some awesome x-mas vids, enjoy…



Damn it, C! You weren't supposed to say anything about the Rudolph signs...

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