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Where I’m Going and Where I Need to Be…

Posted by StuckintheSeventies423 on 2:18 AM

Tonight was a full night for me but an awesome night nonetheless. There were ups and downs but the ups are sure out weighing the downs. I was at work earlier tonight and was informed by the head chef (because everyone else keeps us in the dark) that I’m guaranteed a job till December and then we’re closing down for good. Which means my sorry ass needs to start looking for a new job! Anyway, when we (the staff) got the news we were all pretty bummed out to say the least. Definitely not the way I wanted the evening to start! So I headed home to change my clothes and went over to D’s house to watch the new South Park and Workaholics (honestly it’s not bad, Comedy Central have done worse) and chill with all my buddies from high school who are now graduating from college. Man, those four years fucking FLEW by!

I arrive at D’s and I’m greeted by J, C, B, and Char who yells out “SURPRISE.” There was a brief silence and then everyone went back to smoking their cigarette. I didn’t realize anything was going on. Then we went down to the basement where D was chilling with his friend from school and we decided to go outside and pre-game for the new South Park (which was great by the way). Timing worked out because R and T arrived just then. Now, for those of you paying attention to the weather in the northeast, we’re pretty much underwater. It’s rained just about every day this week and I do not like it so far but we made due and went back into the house. We went down to the basement and I prepared to sit down when J points to the other room and tells me that “there’s a surprise on the table for me.” I honestly don’t know what I was thinking but I was just like “Really,” and marched into the other room as B and C started yelling at me to stay back! I saw the flicker of an orange flame and noticed that they were lighting candles on a small birthday cake.

I turned back into the other room and looked at everyone sitting around me as I walked back to my seat on the couch. I had no idea what to say. Did I just walk into my own birthday party without knowing it? What do you think, Admiral Ackbar?

Hahaha, I couldn’t resist!

Well, anyway, that was the case indeed. Now, I haven’t celebrated a birthday in about four years (and I’ve worked on it the past three) so I kind of stopped thinking of it as some sort of special day and started treating it like every other. That sounds cold but for a while there I was seriously wishing my dad would’ve worn a condom! Anyway, the lights went out, everyone sang for me, I learned how to play baseball (drinking game), R gave me a killer present (I can attest to that right now), and I can’t fucking remember a time when I was happier!

I could no longer care about the fact that I might not have a job come the end of the year or the fact that I’ll likely breakdown physically halfway through the summer (I’ll probably be there every day until the very end. In fact, wouldn’t want it any other way). I’ve been there for five years, that’s a good fucking run! This whole night was like a new beginning for me. The burden of five long years of work was lifted from my shoulders and I found myself hanging out with the only group of people that I’ve ever stuck with over the years (and I was friends with just about everyone in this little town at one point or another). It’s been a long time since high school but the ties of friendship are stronger than ever and as I look to where I’m going (no fucking idea) I will never forget where I truly need to be! Never lose sight of the things that really matter in your life, no matter how hard the world tries to kick your ass!

This one’s for us…

Let us rock in peace…



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