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Rugrats Revelation

Posted by Char on 2:47 PM
The babies in Rugrats don’t exist! As a product of Angelica’s environment, her imagination became the premise of the show. Her mother’s neglect and belittlement of Angela combined with her relationship with her shallow and parasitic father forced Angela to cope with inexorable issues. In reality, Chuckie died along with his mother, explaining Chaz’s abashed and apprehensive behavior. As a stillborn, Tommy compelled Stu to sit in the basement making toys for his son. On the other hand, the DeVille’s abortion meant Angelica knew of the baby but not the gender. Thus, she invented the same character as a female and male gender and both comfortable with interchanging their gender roles. Her only true friend is Susie, who grounds her to reality.

When I came to this conclusion, I was deeply disturbed and distraught. Although I still enjoy watching the show, this revelation now taints the fond memories I had sitting there and rooting for Tommy the stillborn baby or Chuckie the boy with so much potential.



How fucked up were you when you wrote this?... I think the show is ruined for me now... lol

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