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The Adventures of B....

Posted by The one and only "B"... on 1:38 PM
Hello all!

I've noticed in recent weeks that the boys and I have started drifting away from telling stories. Which I’m not sure why we have been? There are plenty of stories to tell still. I think part of the reason we have only been posting short (or not so short) thoughts, pictures, and videos is because the end of the semester is here. Which is a stressful time for all of us; right now I have five papers to write… I’ll get them done on Sunday and Monday… Anyway, since I have devoted some time to write a story, I figured I would write about last night.

Friday’s aren’t usually busy days for me. I spend most of the day hanging out at home until I have to go to work. This brings me to the one thing I don’t really understand about the restaurant I work at. How is it that the only person who works there, that is over 21, gets stuck working every Friday night? I mean, really? Can’t you get the kids who are still in high school to work Friday nights? I’m 22, and I’ve paid my dues. I should be able to go out on the weekend, not work my ass off until ten o’clock at night. Make me work during the day! I don’t do shit!

Anyway, getting back on topic… sort of… I work for a family run Greek take out restaurant. I love working there, I really do. Except when it starts cutting into my fun time, like it did last night. At every job I’ve ever worked at, I always somehow end up being the person who does ALL the work, while my co-workers fuck around and do nothing. I start working on side work around 8:30, so I can be done with everything by 10. Plus I’m the only one who legitimately cleans the restaurant… Like I wouldn’t trust our bathrooms if I haven’t closed in a few days… Oh and the five second rule? Yeah, you don’t want to do that there either. I’m pretty much the queen of the five second rule, and even I won’t attempt that there.

Last night was a pretty hectic one for our restaurant. We were constantly getting orders for takeout and delivery, as well as having a stream of people coming inside and eating. Normally that would have been awesome, if I wasn’t trying to get out of there at exactly ten o’clock, so I could make it to Treasure Buried Here’s show (http://myjwerseyboys.blogspot.com/2011/04/little-shout-out-to-our-friends-in-tbh.html) in Long Branch… Which is 30 minutes away from where I work, and they were going on at 10:30. So I was kind of pushing my luck to begin with.

I had most of my side work done by 9:15; all that was left was putting the chairs on the tables, and sweeping at mopping. To kind of waste time, I was folding silverware at the counter, impatiently tapping my foot, because I’m not allowed to put the chairs up till 9:30. As luck would have it, customers came in at 9:27… I took their order, hoping they would be ordering for takeout, only to be disappointed at the end when they announced that they were going to stay. You can ask any one of the boys, when I know I’m going to be late for something, my irrational girl switch flips on. I hate being late. I think it has something to do with the fact that my mother made me late for pretty much everything as a kid, and I grew up not wanting to be like that. So I went and had a smoke break, and returned back to the restaurant to find it vacated. Apparently they changed their minds about staying halfway through eating their meal. This is pretty much why I hate people. *laughs*

The next hour was spend rushing to sweep, and leaving the delivery driver with the mopping and chairs… Seriously, I did ALL of the side work. All he had to do was mop and put down chairs. I don’t feel that guilty about leaving the work for him. He is constantly screwing me over, so this was just me kind of returning the favor. I wouldn’t normally condone doing something like that, but even I make exceptions. The next thirty minutes was spent flying down the parkway, and hitting every. Red. Light. Also, I smoked the majority of my cigarettes on the drive down.

Luckily, I made it to the show without getting pulled over! Seriously, this is kind of a miracle, because I broke a lot of traffic laws on the way down. The show was epic, if any of you have a chance to see Treasure Buried Here live, I suggest you do it. Their front man is a rock star. J, TK, and I all discussed this fact after the show. The guy jumps off stages, gets into people’s faces, stands on tables, breaks the occasional mike… Every show has been an adventure, plus the music is awesome. They are going to be playing at the Court Tavern next Sunday, May 15th. You’ll probably see a few of us from the blog there. We usually make an appearance. Plus it’s the last show I’m going to be able to go to for a while.

Something that came to my attention last night that I figured I would bring up real quick. No, I am not moving back to Colorado. Ever. I’m just going back to visit my mom for a month… As much as I love my mom, I don’t even want to go back for a month. I would rather be shot with a paintball gun at close range, with no protective gear on, for an hour, than move back to Colorado. To all my friends, and my awesome cousin, who might possibly read this and say, “What the fuck, B!” You know I love you, but Colorado sucks and we all know it. I’m just saying. I’m in Jersey for the long haul. I swear it. Even on the very slim chance that I don’t continue living with my family, I’d still live here in Jersey.

Aaaaand I just realized that it’s 1:30, and I have work at 2… Shit. Well, I can’t continue this story, unfortunately. Although it ends with chugging two beers, teaching the semi-childish/bitchy “Your Team” game, my phone being dead, trying to follow TK home and having some issues there, because lights kept screwing me over. Eventually getting to TK’s house and playing a few intense games of slappers only/throwing knives with J and TK. I had some difficulties along the way, but it ended up being a pretty awesome night. Shit, it’s 1:36! Gotta run!

Peace & Cigarettes,



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