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A Follow Up

Posted by D on 5:56 PM
I wanted to add something to what B wrote yesterday about the Bin Laden news. Obviously, I agree with her that he got we deserved. Additionally, what if we had captured Bin Laden alive? Imagine the drama that would have ensued if he were put on trial Nuremburg-style.

However, I think it's important to remember that a human life is a human life. Unlike some of our enemies around the globe, we as Americans have respect for human life. For example, our military does not shoot at unarmed enemies if they are surrendering, no matter how heinous their crimes may be. We should all take pride in this.

I like referencing movies in times like these, so I here will call upon Batman Begins. After training with the League of Shadows, Bruce Wayne is told to execute a farmer who murdered his neighbor. Wayne refuses, and he explains that valuing and protecting life is what makes us special. It is what separates us from those who fight against us. It is the line that we won't cross no matter what the circumstances. Its importance lies in the strength it gives us to fight through hardships, even when common sense calls for revenge.

America is a country of virtue. We stand up for liberty, equality, and the sanctity of human life even when it is difficult. Take pride in that.




I'm glad one of us could speak rationally on the topic... I'm a girl, rational is not a language I speak fluently. Lol... Good use of a Batman reference, by the way.

A child raised by Batman movies would be very wise. A child raised by Batman would be Robin.

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