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Tired Rant...

Posted by StuckintheSeventies423 on 11:53 PM

TK here once again, only this time I’m looking to bum people the hell out so if you’re having a good day I suggest you scroll down and read something else because I’ve got no one else to talk to and this seems like a reasonable place to vent. Of course, there are people in the world that are starving or have been displaced from their homes because of some devastating natural disaster so I’m not going to be whining about “why my life sucks,” even though things could always be better. No, I’m specifically talking to the people out there who go to great lengths for others only to never have the favor returned in the end. This has been the story of my life for the better part of five years. Five years of slaving at a job (probably my greatest example) that has taken advantage of my willingness to help and my generosity to the point where I really feel like I have no more to give to anyone anymore.

Now, let me tell you about where I work cause it sounds really cool at first… but then you work there for a couple of years with all the same people and you start to realize just how messed up everything really is! I work at this country club with three awesome nine-hole courses, a patio that looks out over it, and a pretty chill main dining room (more of a bar vibe to it). I started working there in the fall of 2006 bussing tables which was great because the restaurant/kitchen was on top of everything and club membership was still pretty high so I found myself getting a lot of shifts and for the first couple of years that was ok but it got to a point where I couldn’t do anything because I worked all the time and I just feel like a missed out on a lot with my friends during those years, especially during the summers.

Going to school (community college baby… ugh) and working THERE at the same time was a horrible experience because my boss decided it would be cool to start ignoring people’s daily schedules and started giving shifts to everyone that just weren’t possible to meet! But somehow, she just didn’t understand that there were times when people couldn’t work because they had something going on in their personal life. She acts like she does all the work too which is bullshit because I have back and shoulder pains that prove otherwise! Shit, one of the waitresses got fucking tendinitis in her wrist from working so often! Thing’s also weren’t working out at school either with my second year being a disaster, mostly because I had no time to prepare for class so I dropped out expecting the load to lighten a little.

This brings us to five years later, five long years later! It’s gotten to the point where we’ve all started turning against each other and I’m really not kidding! There’s been so much shit talking and bitching and whining from everyone that it’s basically driven me out of all the conversations so I go smoke a cigarette instead. There’s a lot of “he said, she said” bullshit and I just stay the hell out of it and do my fucking job. But it’s gotten to the point where no one cares anymore and I’ve found myself doing the majority of the work almost every day/night. This isn’t rocket science, it’s not exactly difficult stuff that we’re doing here and if we work together then the quicker we can all get out of this hellhole!

For a long time, I’ve been helping people out when they needed their shifts covered because I always had the time now that I’m no longer a student. Unfortunately, several people have used my willingness to help out as a sort of safety net for themselves and have really taken advantage of the situation. Once everyone else says no, they turn to me and I usually say yes because it’s an easy job and I like making money too. But when I need a shift covered, no one steps up to the plate to try and help me out for a change (I can’t even plan a future because I’m always fucking there). I don’t even know what the word fun means anymore. It’s like the word hip. If you say it too many times it starts to lose its meaning.

My approach to life has always been to treat others as you want to be treated but I just don’t think I can anymore. For tomorrow is once again another birthday for me and much like the past three years I will be working again (tried to get it covered and I got nothing but bullshit). I mean, they know when it is and just about everyone else gets off on their birthday so why not me? Haven’t I done enough? To make matters more stressful I’m in the middle of a seven day work week (what are weekends?) and I’m already starting to feel pretty busted up cause of all the table carrying we’ve had to do lately with Mother’s Day and all. I’m just really tired of it and I need to start rethinking my territory ASAP otherwise I probably won’t make it to 23. I kind of want to go to film school or something because I like writing screenplays and shit but lately I can’t even do that!

Well, if you read all of that then thanks. I didn’t mean for it to turn out this long. I’m usually pretty mellow but I guess my lack of complaining built up to this monstrosity. Plus, I’ve had a few beers so that’s probably doing the talking for me right now. I’ll leave you with this cool tune by one of my favorite songwriters at the moment, the great Terry Reid singing To Be Treated Rite.

Let us rock in peace…



Nice to read a blog about real life with some details.

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