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Posted by The one and only "B"... on 11:41 PM
There's been a lot of talk today about Osama. About how after ten years, Americans finally got justice. Then there are some people who think we've taken this too far. That we shouldn't be serving an eye for an eye justice. To that I say, this. "Man". Was. A. Mass. Murderer. (If you can even consider him to actually be a man, or even to be human in the first place. To me he's just the scum of the earth) Do really think it would be a good idea to keep him alive? Seriously, he could still contact his network in prison. You know what, I wish they would have caught him alive. So they bring him to ground zero, hand every family member who lost someone that day a baseball bat (Because baseball is an American sport), and just let them have at it. There would be no chance of an escape for him. Afterwards, we would all eat apple pie. Maybe you think what I'm saying is harsh, or going too far. Maybe you're right, but Osama got what he deserved. I'm gonna take it one step further, to me Osama is up there on the list of shitty people who did deserve to live on this Earth. That is all... Except the news clip of President Obama... Who else has messed up today, accidentally saying "Obama" instead of "Osama? Come on, you know it's happened.... And a clip of Christopher Titus reminding you why you should not fuck with a nation that needs medication... Also, how pissed do you think President George W. Bush is, that President Obama was the one to bag Osama?

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