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Posted by The one and only "B"... on 4:10 PM
Hello world!

So if you have already read TK's last post, you know that we threw a surprise birthday party for him. The idea to have a surprise party was kind of an impromptu decision made by myself, C, and D. You see, TK had a pretty rough birthday this year, and we knew he was feeling down. So the idea of a party was born! I mean, everything is better after a good party! Originally, D and I discussed getting everyone together for some mini-golf and arcade madness. The plan was set, when C proposed an even better idea. We should have a party at D's house. D's house parties are always epic events... Even when they end with me being black out drunk, because I mixed red wine (which I've learned that I'm allergic to) and beer... Maybe a few other things were mixed in as well. That night ended with me weakly fighting four of the boys as they tried to get me to go to bed. That's a completely different story though. Some other time maybe...

Back to the surprise party, the plans had been made, and C kept teasing me about making sure i kept this a secret from TK. He had serious doubts about my secret keeping abilities. *laughs* I am better at keeping secrets than the guys give me credit for. That's because they have no idea that I'm keeping secrets. Which makes me the best secret keeper ever (note to the boys: there are currently no secrets that you need to know about).

The only thing we had to do now was get TK to D's house Wednesday night. I came up with an easy excuse, and told TK that D wanted to watch South Park at his house this week. D gave me hell for this later, because he claimed I made it sound like he was demanding that we watch South Park at his house. *laughs* I should have made it sound that way...

Moving on, Wednesday came! Everything was ready and set up for the party... Except for one thing, TK wasn't there. Most of us had arrived at seven and had started playing beer pong. Which, on a little side note, every time I played my team won. I'm just saying, I may not have the best luck when comes to cars and boys, but damn do I have luck when it comes to beer pong and craps tables. (A few of us are going to Vegas in June and I can't wait!). D's basement is notorious for blocking our cell phone signals, so eventually I went outside to text TK to see when he'd be arriving. I was enjoying myself outside, listening to music and dancing around in the rain when Char came out to join me. I played outside for a little longer, because I was a little tipsy, and eventually Char convinced me to come inside before I caught a cold. We hung out inside for a little longer, still waiting for TK. D suggested that I set up the candles on the cake, since TK said he'd be arriving soon. Instead of getting twenty-two candles, D had bought letter candles that spelled out TK's name. Unfortunately one of those letters was broken. So for some reason that is beyond me, I decided that I could fix it by melting the candle back together. I ended up burning myself and getting yelled at by C.

After the incident, Char, C and I decided we needed another smoke break. It wasn't long after that before TK arrived. C asked, before TK joined us, if we should yell, "SURPRISE!" when he came out. I said no, and mentioned that we should wait for everyone to be here, as TK stepped outside with J. Char, apparently ignoring the current conversation, yelled out, "SURPRISE!".... C and I just looked at each other, shaking our heads. C, J, and I gave no explanation to Char's greeting, and continued smoking like there was nothing going on.

Eventually D and his friend Cor from school joined us. With most of us assembled, except for R and T, we made our way back to the basement. I watched TK apprehensively as he made his way downstairs, and hoped he wouldnt notice the birthday cake blatantly sitting on the table. Luckily he didn't, and C and I attempted to light the candles. While C was burning himself, attempting to light the middle candle, I heard J tell TK he had a surprise on the table. Which I responded by yelling, "J! Shut up!", but TK had already caught a glimpse of his cake. While C and I were shouting both at each other, because we were having candle malfunctions, we also were hollering at TK to stay in the other room. After six or seven tries trying to keep the candles lit, C and I walked in with the cake and we all sang "Happy Birthday" to TK.

The rest of the night was spent watching the new South Park episode, which was awesome, and I watched the boys as they played a drinking game that combines both beer pong and flip cup with baseball. All in all, the surprise birthday party was a success! Last night was the last night that most of us could hang out together, at least for the time being. R and J leave for Europe tomorrow, and I'll be going to Colorado for a month at the beginning of June. C is going to be traveling back and forth to Pace for summer classes. Plus a few of us have jobs/careers to be present at. At least we all had one memorable send off before we go on our separate journeys. Hopefully there will be more in the next few months, I'm sure there will be. Which reminds me, I still need to ask one of the boys to take over the twitter account for me, while I'm in Colorado. We need more quotes! I haven't been good about posting them. Although, I do plan on doing a video blog of my adventures in Colorado... It's pretty much going to be the only thing I have to do there. The midwest is boring as fuck. That's why people drink and weed is legal.

Alright, I have a hangover to nurse and Greek food to deliver...

Peace & Cigarettes,

P.S. To my jersey boys... I'll miss you.



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