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Time is Fleeting

Posted by D on 4:58 PM
At 10pm last night, I was watching the Mets/Phillies game on ESPN with a few friends when I saw the ticker at the bottom of the screen flash that President Obama was going to make an unscheduled speech at the White House. By the time the President spoke at 11:30, the entire world knew what he was going to say. When I heard the news, I thought about how long 10 years really is. 10 years ago, we were in 7th grade. 10 years ago, the Yankees were going for their 4th straight championship. 10 years ago, college was on the horizon.

It is now 10 years later, and I am graduating from college. Moments ago I found out where I am going for grad school. I know all the other letters (our group of friends) are thinking about post graduation as well. B is right to question the future because the past seems so distant in hindsight. So much of our lives have been about going to college and then getting through college to the real world*. So what's next?

*It's comforting to know that the real world begins at 22. The first 21 years were all rainbows and ice cream.*




Can I have the rainbows and ice cream back, please? The real world hates me.

Yes, I will bring them to Tom's.

TK says he could use some of that shit too. lol.

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