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The Cake: Live Blog

Posted by D on 7:02 PM
Note: All times are in the Central Time Zone

 I'm Making a Cake Tonight

8:15 PM

It's all done, and it tastes delicious. The icing was awesome. The whole package is even better. I even was able to start cleaning up while the cake was cooking. My first try was a complete success. Thank god. I am a functional person.

7:40 PM
I'm ready for the oven. I melted the butter successfully. Mixed in the chocolate. The water. The eggs. The Buttermilk. Everything's looking good. The batter tastes great. Too bad there won't be a cake now...


7:05 PM
I was listening to the NY Rangers' home opener online, and I decided I was ready to get started. I figured I would work on the first step, which didn't involve boiling water. As I was about to mix the flour and sugar, I remembered my measuring utensils (is that what they're called?) were pretty limited. We have this small plastic measuring cup that holds only 1 cup. I used it to sloppily measure out 2 cups of flower. The table is already a mess.

6:45 PM
Since I figure that I'll be eating a ton of cake tonight, I decided I would try a light dinner. After last nights ground beef omelet, I didn't feel bad about going to one of my classics, a peanut butter & something sandwich. Natural Chunky Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Butter are strong duo.

5:49 PM
I decided that I was going to start the cake after dinner, which means I'll likely begin at 7:30 or so. Our kitchen is a bit of a mess right now, so I cleaned off the kitchen table so that I can use the space. I laid the ingredients on the table (no, not the dairy ones). This is happening. If I become a famous baker one day (100% chance), this will be remembered as a historic day in history. It will.



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