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$140,000 Juice?

Posted by D on 6:55 PM
I went to the grocery store today. As I was checking out, I noticed that this particular container of juice rang up for $140,000. At first, I was incredulous. "How Dare this store offend somebody of my stature?!?" Clearly, that was a terribly wrong reaction. I should have been overjoyed. I have been searching my entire life for the best juice in the world, and I finally found juice that's worth $140k. 

After tasting it, it's clear to me that its worth is not derived from its taste. It's decent tasting juice but certainly not worth its price tag on taste alone. Therefore, I must conclude that this juice will give me superpowers, eternal youth, never run out, or some combination of the three. Or maybe I'll win a house under the cap. 




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