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Waffles & Spagetti

Posted by The one and only "B"... on 5:40 PM
Last night I had an interesting conversation with my friend Fox about the inner workings of men and women's minds. I figured I would share it with you since it reminded me of The Chair's Theory (http://myjerseyboys.blogspot.com/2010/10/chairs-essay.html)...

Fox has always been our go-to guy for advice on love, life, and complicated situations. So last night, when my friend Hart asked him about a current situation she was having with her new boyfriend, he gave us this example...

He explained to us that men's brains are like waffles. Not that I really need to tell you this, but waffles have those little square compartments where syrup gets poured in and kind of gets stored. He said men are like waffles because they compartmentalize everything in their brains. Men are goal oriented, which is why they enjoy "chasing" girls. Guys can only think about one thing at a time, that's why if you ever try to talk to guy while he's trying to do something, he'll ask you to "Shut up, while I find my keys!"

On the the other hand, women's brains are like a bowl of spaghetti. All of our thoughts and goals are constantly jumbled up together incoherently. While this allows us to do and think about a hundred different things at once, it also causes us to drive ourselves completely insane. I wish I could say that that wasn't the case... but it's completely and totally true.

I know this because I'm cleaning my mom's house, thinking about ten different things, and finding myself growing more impatient and frustrated. *laughs*

Love from,
I wish my brain wasn't a bowl of spaghetti,



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