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Welcome to the life and chronicles of My Jersey Boys and me, B (the only girl who hangs out with them). Our original mission was to prove that not all of Jersey is obsessed with GTL. Now it's kind of become the place where we share our random thoughts, ridiculous stories, regular quote updates, and maybe a picture or video here and there. There's always something going on...

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Notes from Colorado: Day Six

Posted by The one and only "B"... on 1:36 AM
Hello world!

So it's day six already! Which means tomorrow I'll only have three more weeks until I come home... Yeah, I'm kind of counting down the days. As much as I love my friends and family here, I'm really looking forward to returning back to Jersey. Not much to report here in Colorado. This morning I got my butt kicked by my mom's personal trainer, so the rest of the day I kind of hung out and did nothing. Well, I did help clean the house... again... but most of my day was spend at Barnes and Noble reading. I have a really horrible habit of finding books to read and staying there until closing time. Unfortunately, I didn't bring money with me to buy the book I was reading. So to distract myself from the annoyance of not being able to find out what happened next in my book, I came home and started an Adventure Time marathon. Which I'm now going to return to... or go to bed. I haven't quite decided...

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